Video Premiere: “Girl Pusher” By Love Ghost

The Who: Love Ghost (Los Angeles, CA) The What: The next time that you hear someone grouse about youth being wasted on the young feel free to scoff at such generational disenchantment and, perhaps, even point out that they may be looking at the wrong youth. As teenagers specializing in thick, alternative rock on the grungier side of the street, […]

PREMIERE: Arms Akimbo Keep It Real With “Virtual”

Twenty-first-century living is an amazing experience and most of us wouldn’t trade it for the world, but the fact is these days our realities are so virtual that they are more virtual than real. If you need to take a moment in order to process that, go ahead, I’ll wait…. The last time that we heard from Los Angeles indie […]


It was in May of this year when last we saw heard from Ryan Colt Levy (vox, guitar), Derek Tramont (bass), Scott Goldbaum (vox/guitar), and Thomas Killian McPhillips VII (drums) of the Los Angeles-by-way-of-New York City indie rock outfit BRAEVES with their single “Pull Me In.” It was a song which carried that familiar jaunt and indie airiness that BRAEVES fans have […]

Playlist: Moon Honey’s Deep Dark Classics from the Garden of Life

Half a glance at Jess Joy and Andrew Martin would be enough for a reasonably astute mind to assess that there’s something fantastically unique about them, even if only musically speaking. As the Los Angeles-based duo Moon Honey, between Joy’s supreme soprano and Martin’s glam-laced guitar worship, the two conjure and divine a surrealistic pillow of sound: equal parts psychedelic […]

Track-By-Track W/ LA River Bend: Run These Hills EP

On your mark…get set…GO! It’s a phrase of anticipation and prospect and – judging by their collective ready stances – Nate Weiner (vox/guitar), Emily Elkin (cello/vox), Branden Stroup (bass/vox/guitar) and Jacob Seldes (drums) of the Los Angeles Americana/folk foursome LA River Bend which formed in 2012, are looking forward to officially setting their music free on November 14th in the […]

Track-By-Track W/ Wildling: Here EP

If there’s one Los Angeles band that we’re just going to call “adorably LA,” it’s Wildling. Yes, the band name evokes a Game of Thrones pull, but that’s not it: Ryan Levine (vox), Justin Levine (bass), Andrew Ampaya (keys/vox) and Erik Janson (guitar/vox) have tread a very well-worn musician’s path within the city – almost a rite of passage of fits and starts […]

Track-By-Track w/ Among Savages: Accounts of Friend and Foe

In specific hands, the art of music can resemble, not just a sonic journey but one with a gossamer, emotional touch. Operating under the moniker Among Savages, Peter Barbee creates a musical space that senses on the level of an intimate invitation. See his latest album, Accounts of Friend and Foe, for further. Barbee makes rather lovely use of self-questioning; with […]