Band of Horses Pick Up Where Kings of Leon Leave Off

As we all know, the Kings of Leon/Band of Horses tour has come to an indefinite halt until Kings of Leon’s internal band “issues” can be resolved; the High Voltage team wishes them the best as a band and as individuals. In an effort to still reach as many fans affected by the tour cancellation as possible, Band of Horses has […]

Eli James – Pump Up The Jam Tour

If you haven’t already heard, High Voltage has joined Eli James on the road this summer. Eli James is the modern one-man band whose taking art & music to the next level as a live drummer/DJ DIY-combo. With his custom LED drum kit, his passion for music and drive to make the people smile, dance and get inspired along the […]

The Stone Foxes Go “Psycho”

One of the best things about the summer is the music that comes with. It’s free-flowing, it’s everywhere,  and everyone’s in tour mode! We love that, yes we do, and we love the fact that San Francisco’s own sons of stomp-rocking blues, The Stone Foxes, are sharing the summertime love. A 7-inch vinyl of two tracks, “Psycho” and  “Serious People”,  is enroute for release […]

Vicky Cryer Is….

…going to cause a stir in hipster-central on Friday, July 15th at the LA tastemaker of venues, Silverlake’s The Satellite. A brand new project (I guess it’s okay to call them supergroup) under the moniker Vicky Cryer will be taking the stage. Ooh la la, I say. Now expect the musically inclined, as well as the downright curious, to be […]

It All Stops Here – The End of Y-Rock

Last night I got some sad news, local/indie  music giant Y-Rock will have it’s last broadcast this Thursday with a sign off show from long time DJ Y-Rock On XPN founder and Operations Manager, Josh T. Landow airing from 9am-5pm. It feels like the summer of ’06 all over again. On August 1,2006 Philadelphia’s only alternative rock station Y100 was flipped, another station […]

The Dead Weather – Sea of Cowards

It’s finally happened, vinyl has gone digital. How you ask? Check it out, for the next 24 hours The Dead Weather are hosting a live stream of their new album Sea of Cowards. However, it’s not just an audio stream – it’s a video stream of the album being played on vinyl (as it should be heard) with special guests […]

Hanson – Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’

You may know High Voltage has always been a supporter of 1997’s pop-sensation Hanson. We’ve followed those long-haired teens through their various label deals into the formation of their own label and continue to watch them develop innovative ways to keep their fans interest. When we heard the announcement for their 5th studio album, Shout It Out, you can only […]