Track-By-Track W/ Varsity Week: If Only You Knew EP

“We wanted to make something we all loved and would continue to be proud of for the rest of our lives. It’s that simple.” said Varsity Week frontman, Brandon Eisenbeis. “Working with Jim Kaufman (Atlas Genius, Night Riots, Anti-Flag) and Kenny Carkeet (Night Riots, Anti-Flag) was extraordinary, they were able to hone in our influences from all eras and genres, and […]

Track-By-Track W/ The Sometimes Island: Bad People EP

“Depending on the water level, the islands are either emerging from the surface teeming with life, or submerged and hidden, waiting to be reborn.” And sometimes you name your music project after those random “sometimes islands” in the middle of Lake Travis located near your hometown of Austin, TX…and that’s exactly what Matt Blankenship Jr. did. Because all things in this […]

“Trust” Boy Epic…In His Words

“I remember seeing this interview with Christian Bale. He was at a press conference and he got asked when he worked with Christopher Nolan on The Dark Knight, about the way that that series ended. He was asked, ‘Did the Batman really live, or was the ending just a dream, or was that real life?’ Christopher Nolan’s vision was to […]

Track-By-Track W/ Joe Marson: Electric Soul Magic Vol. II

Joe Marson may or may not have played this record naked, but that’s a subject for another day. Marson’s sophomore EP, Electric Soul Magic Vol. II (released on April 14, 2017), is a 6-song trek of punched up soulful and blues-infused rock. Fusing his expressive vocals that fans have come to know and love with classic guitar riffs and his penchant for thoughtful […]

#TourHappens…With Dorothy Martin

From the birth of the band in 2013 to Los Angeles residencies at favored local clubs, from touring with Miguel and Halestorm to signing with Roc Nation, from releasing their debut album ROCKISDEAD to selling out shows on their first headlining tour, Dorothy (the band = Dorothy Martin, Gregg Cash, DJ Black and Dylan Howard) has been a hard hitting, […]

Track-By-Track W/ The Dead Ships: CITYCIDE

At its most simplistic, music is a road to a good time. At its most dynamic, visceral and effective best, it’s a conduit to thought and emotional terrain that might otherwise go unexplored, as well as a native connection among us all. Cue the Los Angeles trio of high quality garage rock (and a band who puts on one of the […]

Summer Is Coming: Luxley

In two weekends time utterances of the signature phrase, “Winter is coming” will sharply cease leaving Game of Thrones fans emotionally bereft…that is, until the series returns next spring. Until then, summer is coming. Fortunately, Luxley is here to help get you through. Straight out of New Orleans and with a mind fascinated by science, art and geometry, Ryan Gray […]