Behind The Scenes With Ben Hazlewood’s “Save Your Sorries”

Anger. Not only can it be one of our most powerful emotions but it can also be one of our most healthily cathartic.


With the release of his single, “Save Your Sorries,” in August Ben Hazlewood made a statement unlike any that he had made before: he was musically confronting and raining vengeance down upon someone who hurt him. Badly.

“Growing up and discovering my sexuality I felt that I wasn’t able to be open to myself or others.” says Hazlewood. “This led me to explore my newly found feelings in secret, in the shadows.”

“Vulnerable and isolated I put trust in the wrong people, which unfortunately led to one of my first sexual experiences being a violent and non-consensual encounter.”

Directed by Jonathan Pease, the official video for “Save Your Sorries” was the visual representation of Hazlewood’s ire and this exclusive look behind the scenes gives you a glimpse at its process and the fact that Hazlewood is a survivor.

“I have hid from and tried to ignore this for far too long….in releasing ‘Save Your Sorries’ I am hurling it into the light, with a roar; as loud as thunder.”


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