Foo Fighters Throw Down The Rock Festival Hammer: CAL JAM 17

Some days you wake up and find that the gods and goddesses of rock and roll are smiling their asses off. First Foo Fighters announce that their upcoming new album, Concrete and Gold, is due out on September 15th. Cool. We’re into it and all of the rock guitar goodness that will come with. But they had to push the […]

Carrying On The Memory of Chris Cornell With Photofantasm

At this point in time, many are still at a loss with the loss of Chris Cornell and that is more than understandable. The best that I could do in editorial form manifested in the piece Euphoric Mourning. Because music and loving it is such a personal act, every music fan of a band or an artist has a very particular and […]

Music On, World Off: Thank God It’s Friday

It’s Friday. Thank God. Yay. Moving on. When it comes to cheery and/or optimistic commentary regarding the surrealistic shitshow that is current affairs, I’ve got nothing. I do, however, have some music for you to dig into with my updated Music On, World Off  Spotify playlist which I heartily encourage you to follow. Surrealistic shitshow aside, consider the art of noise […]

Gamex by Strategicon

If you’ve never heard of Gamex, you’re not alone, but don’t let them deter you from experiencing the next one. Gamex is the smallest of three board game conventions that Strategicon puts on each year. Strategicon being a convention organization that’s been producing board game conventions in Los Angeles since 1977. This past weekend the four day convention brought just […]

Music On, World Off: New Music Friday aka The Day After…

It’s the day after. When the unfathomable happens, what the hell do you do with yourself? The correct answer is you carry on…and yes, that is the title of one of Chris Cornell’s solo albums. I’ve already written out a few feelings about Cornell, and even though the news updates have confirmed what happened, I think we’re all still at a […]

Euphoric Mourning: Chris Cornell, Dead at 52

I was just about to fall asleep when I got a text…the text. That seems to be the way of the world these days. And, still, I’ve yet to go to sleep. What we know about the circumstances of his “sudden and unexpected” death are sketchy, at best, and we wait for further, but here’s what we do know: Seattle’s […]

Song Of The Day: “Two High” By Moon Taxi

No matter the uncertainty going on in the world, you can always count on music to try to point us towards the light. And Nashville alt-rock specialists Moon Taxi are doing exactly that with the release of their new single, “Two High” produced by lead guitarist, Spencer Thomson. Lyrically, “Two High” is “a song about hope,” expressed frontman Trevor Terndrup. “Hope […]