Vans Launches Limited Edition David Bowie Collection

Vans Honors the Legacy of David Bowie with Vans x David Bowie On Friday, April 5th Vans drops a brand new, limited edition collection of sneakers and apparel in honor of rock legend and icon, David Bowie – “the man who fell to earth”: Vans x David Bowie. Designers inspired by iconic Bowie imagery used suede, leather, and faux fur […]

6 Things We Learned About RuPaul’s Drag Race At PaleyFest

  One of the best things about PaleyFest is getting to learn all about the fun, behind-the-scenes secrets of your favorite TV shows. It’s no surprise that the show with the most charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent, RuPaul’s Drag Race, is fairly complex to make. During the RuPaul panel in Los Angeles at PaleyFest LA, the producers and judges revealed […]

Music On, World Off: Feeling Seen

With the horror that has occurred in Christchurch, New Zealand, it’s been a harsh 24 hours and I hope that everyone has taken a moment to acknowledge the extraordinary loss, recognize its cause and demand better from your fellow man and woman. As for the music, yes I’ve updated my Spotify MUSIC ON, WORLD OFF playlist and while it seems […]

Universal Studios’ Lunar New Year

The lunar calendar is a calendar based on complete cycles of phases of the Moon. The Chinese New Year marks the start of a new lunar year and is celebrated for 15 days. Things kicked off with the new moon on February 5th and will wrap up when the full moon arrives. This is one of many celebrations in Asia […]

RKCB Pay Their Respects To Mother Nature In Video “Till We’re In the Sea”

Over the past four years, Riley Knapp and Casey Barth of the Los Angeles production duo RKCB have used their skills to create soulfully lush, electronic alt-pop musical waves that speak to our human nature. But their latest single and video, “Till We’re In the Sea” (from their upcoming Shores EP out 2/22 via AllPoints) speaks to something even greater: […]

Music On World Off: Rad Masters

Welcome to the first Music Monday of 2019, lovelies! What’s good? Well, since you asked… Let’s get into a shiny, new and updated MUSIC ON, WORLD OFF Spotify playlist because I’m unsure who’s brainiac idea it’s been to get all remix-y on Bob Dylan of late, but the latest incarnation is the “Masters of War – SherGun Remix” and damned if […]

5 Albums You May Have Missed: 2018

Jesus H. Christ, what a shit show of a year. Not musically, folks. No, musically, we were fine and thank God for that because between drowning in the abyss of political news sewage and the faith-in-humanity crushing fucktard/orange beanbag that resides in Washington DC (still at a loss as to how many boneheads voted for that), glimmers of hope were […]