Happy 7th Anniversary To Badass Bands & Jolynn Braswell

It’s that time of year again… On June 29th Badass Bands celebrates its 7thanniversary as one of the Los Angeles music scene’s fiercest champions and the party happens at the Hi Hat in Highland Park featuring LA locals EasyFriend, YIP YOPS, and VOWWS. It’s a celebration of music, of friends and the awesome that is Badass Bands. Being a musician or […]

Music On, World Off: Explicit Content Edition

If you’ve ever been of the mind and subscribed to the stereotype that people who curse/swear/use bad words on the regular do so because they aren’t that smart or just can’t find more intelligent words to use, well fuck you. And that’s not only me talking: science also says otherwise. The Language Sciences Journal studied that antique theory and concluded that people who […]

Music On, World Off: ‘Sup Dead Sara?

Look at them. Siouxsie Medley, Emily Armstrong and Sean Friday. Just look at them: Are they or are they not cute as fuck? Yeah, they are. ‘Sup, Dead Sara? When you dig into this week’s edition of my MUSIC ON, WORLD OFF Spotify playlist you’ll find that one of my absolute FAVORITE bands, Los Angeles rockers Dead Sara, make up 30.769% […]

Music On, World Off: Jurassic World Edition

Dancing Tyrannosaurus Rex’s, anyone? Yeah, that happened because on Saturday, June 2nd at the Grove in Los Angeles Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard – stars of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom coming out June 22nd – opened the largest package that Amazon Prime has ever 2-day shipped (40 ft x 17 ft). It contained a T-Rex so – of course – a […]

MUSIC ON, WORLD OFF: #SaveLucifer Edition

The devil that you know is infinitely better than the one you don’t and that’s just one reason why I was invested in the FOX fantasy drama, Lucifer, starring Tom Ellis as everyone’s favorite hedonistic club-owning desire hound, Lucifer Morningstar, recently relocated to Los Angeles (the City of Angels, of course) due to boredom with his official duties as the Angel of Hell (aka the […]

Music On, World Off And May The 4th Be With You

Happy Friday and all things Star Wars, friends, because the fandom that began in a galaxy far, far away inspired a pun that has become the worldwide holiday that we call Star Wars Day.   In order to make the day more out of this world than it already (obviously) is, here’s my freshly updated Music On, World Off Spotify playlist […]

Lauren Ruth Ward Makes Herself At Home

Something beautiful can happen when you plant yourself in fertile ground and tap into – as well as become – a natural resource in your environment. The best of that beautiful, on an artistic front, manifests itself when you allow yourself to learn, grow and thrive and others to do the same. At her recent sold-out show at the Troubadour […]