Music On, World Off: New Music Friday aka The Day After…

It’s the day after. When the unfathomable happens, what the hell do you do with yourself? The correct answer is you carry on…and yes, that is the title of one of Chris Cornell’s solo albums. I’ve already written out a few feelings about Cornell, and even though the news updates have confirmed what happened, I think we’re all still at a […]

Euphoric Mourning: Chris Cornell, Dead at 52

I was just about to fall asleep when I got a text…the text. That seems to be the way of the world these days. And, still, I’ve yet to go to sleep. What we know about the circumstances of his “sudden and unexpected” death are sketchy, at best, and we wait for further, but here’s what we do know: Seattle’s […]

Song Of The Day: “Two High” By Moon Taxi

No matter the uncertainty going on in the world, you can always count on music to try to point us towards the light. And Nashville alt-rock specialists Moon Taxi are doing exactly that with the release of their new single, “Two High” produced by lead guitarist, Spencer Thomson. Lyrically, “Two High” is “a song about hope,” expressed frontman Trevor Terndrup. “Hope […]

Music On, World Off: We Survived 100 Days of Horror

Hope springs eternal, AF: America, you’re still here. Sure, countries around the world are currently giving us their very best “What the f*ck?” faces complete with various forms of shade (China simply cannot stop making fun of our Simpleton-In-Chief but – at this point – can you really blame them?) but we’re still here. And let’s be honest: that mere fact has […]

Music On, World Off: What Are Fridays For, Again?

Fridays are cool; we tend to call in sick with some contagious but temporary condition, it kick starts the process of indulging in a weekend’s worth of activities that we’ll pretend never happened come Monday morning and new music comes pouring out of every streaming hole. But this Friday holds two extra cards: round two of Coachella (y’all have fun […]

The Soul Shine of Mondo Cozmo @ SXSW

Without the benefit of being a fly on the wall, a warm body in the room, a player at the label or a close personal friend or colleague along for the often treacherous ride, the perspective of an outsider with unimpeded love for an artist’s work is the place where we tend to come from, the lane that most of […]

Nostalgia, Girl Power & The Future: Ray Little

In January we introduced you to Ray Little shortly before her “coming out” party/show at The Echo in Los Angeles: a show that turned into a beautiful collision of the past, the present, the future and the many friends amassed along the way. With three women on the bill that night (Little, Aja Volkman and GROZ), the energy – while […]