Songs Of The Week: Polar Vortex Edition

While parts of the world are engulfed in a polar vortex (be safe out there, folks), the music rolls on. Here are a handful of new releases that may help keep us all warm on the inside. Reignwolf “Black and Red” Rock n’ roll in one of its most fiery, passionate, unrestrained, and powerhouse forms, this way comes. Reignwolf. And […]

“Cautious” By Emarosa

Picture it: November, 2018 and Kentucky rockers, Emarosa, re-emerge with a new record on the way and an unexpected, but hardly unwelcomed, sonic freshness that catches some a little off-guard. Because with that horn-laced first single, “Givin’ Up,” from their new album, Peach Club (out 2/8 via Hopeless Records) and its 80s Duran Duran-esque album art motif, one thing was clear: […]

Songs of the Week: A Punishing Music Roundup

It’s Friday, January 18th, lovelies, and that means two very important things: 1) Frank Castle is back and bringing the carnage because season 2 of Marvel’s The Punisher has hit Netflix in all of its beautiful brutality, and 2) giddy up for a musical roundup of quality Songs of the Week and artists for your discovery. Such as the straight […]

Let Freedom (And Music) Ring

Here in America, this Friday, January 11th is Day 21 of government gridlock fuckery care of the Toddler-In-Chief and we congratulate him for being such a superb and shiny example of American Anti-Exceptionalism. Sir, we salute you…with a very specific appendage. It’s also a day when a ton of new music enters the stratosphere, and with so much to choose […]

Hear The Many Shades Of Iyves On Chromatic

A breadcrumb trail of sensuous singles left by R&B songstress Iyves over the past four years has led to…Chromatic.  The reemergence of Iyves began in March with the release of the emotionally empowering single, “Not Afraid To Fall,” with its deep currents of groove bracing her deeply felt and newfound embrace of the unknown. It’s the last track on her […]

Pleased To Meet You: Cemetery Sun

In no way are we encouraging sympathy for the Devil: we simply wish to get to know Josh Doty (vox), Elliot Polokoff (guitar), Jesse Mancillas (lead guitar) and Austen Butler (drums) from the Sacramento-based band Cemetery Sun a little better. As a unit, everything from hip-hop and pop to R&B and alternative rock are sources of inspiration and have found themselves woven into the five […]

Secret Rooms, A New Year And A Silent Film

The gentlemen on the cover of this year’s Spring issue of High Voltage are the fine indie rock outfit from Oxford, England, A Silent Film: Robert Stevenson and Spencer Walker. They wound up as cover artists because their fans put them there. Literally. Trying something different than simply doing a story on an artist of our choosing, we opened things […]