Sentimental Porno By SWIMM

SWIMM | Sentimental Porno | Rating: 7.5/11 | For some four years SWIMM has been a charming gem within Los Angeles’ creative space: a band with an indie-rock bend that flirted with the psychedelic, the soulful and the just plain weird. Two EPs and some life lived later, co-founders Chris Hess and Adam Winn along with Hany Zayan and Marton Bizits […]

28 Days In The Valley By Dorothy

Dorothy | 28 Days In The Valley | Rating: 8.5/11 | I’m just going to go there and say that Dorothy Martin isn’t in Kansas anymore: that is, if Kansas were a hell-raising, whiskey throated, fist clenched, thrash till the wheels come off state of mind. That Dorothy burned through some demons in order to emerge all phoenix-like and purified […]

Wrong Creatures By Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club | Black Rebel Motorcycle Club | Rating: 8.7/11 | In case you haven’t notice, brevity is not exactly Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s strong suit. Peter Hayes (vox/guitar) can stretch a reverb-leaden guitar chord out about as long as it takes Robert Levon Been (vox/bass/guitar) to answer a question about the weather and, yet, here they are […]

Warbly Jets By Warbly Jets

Warbly Jets | Warbly Jets | Rating: 8.1/11 To be clear, the Los Angeles four piece Warbly Jets do not – in any way – warble, but there is something to the jets portion of the program: Samuel Shea (vox/guitar), Julien O’neill (keys), Justin Goings (drums) and Dan Gerbang (bass) come bearing propulsive grooves and an urgency bearing equal parts […]

Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real

Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real | Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real | Rating: 9/11 One gets the impression that – at some point during his young, but accomplished 28 years – Lukas Nelson made himself a promise to dig a little deeper and explore where the seams of rock and his roots truly do and neatly affix […]

Plastic Soul By Mondo Cozmo

“THE MOST IMPORTANT DEBUT ALBUM OF ALL TIME.” – Cozmo (Mondo’s dog) Mondo Cozmo | Plastic Soul | Rating: 8/11 The above pretty much negates the need for anyone else anywhere to write a subsequent review for this damned album. That’s right Billboard, Rolling Stone and Consequence of Sound, et al; shut it down, cease and desist because there is […]

Low Blows By Meg Mac

Meg Mac | Low Blows | Rating: 8.5/11 “Low blows, man up / It’s all good, man up / ‘Cause I don’t say much when I don’t like it” Megan McInerney doesn’t say much when she doesn’t like…something. That is where and why the songs of Meg Mac come in. Low Blows is the stuff of some heady years of […]