Chelsea Schwartz

Chelsea Schwartz
, Founder (aka The Mad Hatter)

Glancing deeply into her crystal ball you will see that Chelsea has been moving mountains since the age of 14. Being a Texas native, nothing stood in Chelsea’s way from attaining her lifelong dreams of joining the circus (also known as the music industry). She’s written for several publications, handled marketing campaigns for various records labels, brands, bands, film & television productions, was the former talent buyer at the world famous Viper Room on Sunset Strip and toured the world with numerous bands. These days her passion has led her to become a SAG-AFTRA performer & personal appearance manager representing an array of talent at fan/comic conventions around the world . @UncoolRockstar



Amanda Bard
Amanda Bard, Murder-Mystery Savant

Amanda first dipped her toe into the local music scene when she befriended a guy in her college math class who owned a music label. Having previously been only exposed to bigger concerts (her first show was *NSYNC), suddenly Amanda found herself immersed into the small independent scene surrounded by up and coming talent. She’ll forever remember her first local music show was with a now defunct band called Chasing Paper; the show forever changed her outlook on music. An equestrian by day, Amanda met Kristen Coveleskie by happenstance at an event and later co-founded As a perpetual student, Amanda started taking drum lessons a year ago and hasn’t looked back. @ScarlettTrinity



Shanna Bowie
, TV Vixen

Shanna is a long-standing geek who was a shipper before shipping was a thing. Years of writing fan-fiction and critiquing television online have honed her skills and, in addition to High Voltage, she writes and podcasts for Project Fandom and the MTR Network. Shanna also maintains a secret identity as an arts educator and advocate. Based in the Bay Area, she frequents comic book shops, donut shops, and parks in no particular order. @shittybonmots





Kristen Coveleskie
Kristen Coveleskie, Research Junkie

Kristen’s whole life changed when she discovered the existence of local music in her college town outside Philadelphia. When her favorite band broke up, she decided a big change was needed and found her way to Los Angeles – a city that supports her music addiction by offering a variety of live shows every night of the week. A fervent champion of many artists and bands, she co-founded Often soft-spoken, Kristen spends her days studying the brain as a research scientist at UCLA, but if you want to get her talking, just ask about last night’s show. @_localmusicnat




Trina N. Green
Trina N. Green
, Music Ambassador

All you need to know about Trina can be discerned by watching “The Golden Girls” and “I Love Lucy.” A native New Yorker, veteran, cat lover & an olive fiend who landed in Los Angeles with the sole intention of death by music immersion because she could not imagine a life without it. Trina wants to discover your new favorite band, fool you into believing she’s absolutely brilliant, become sponsored by Pepsi and for musicians she loves to NOT have a day job. Unless that day job is music, of course. @dharma69





Sarah Osman
, Pop Culture Virtuoso

Sarah is your everyday English teaching, pop culture enthusiast who writes about anything and everything in between. Originally from Orange County, CA (please don’t call it “The OC”), she’s lived in Santa Fe, the Gold Coast of Australia, Albuquerque and now Los Angeles. When she’s not writing, she’s traveling having already visited four continents and planning to visit the rest. In her spare time, she enjoys dancing, improv and eating delicious tacos. @SarahMinaOsman






Briana Burns
Briana Burns
, Texas Bookworm

Briana Burns is a freelance writer and blogger, covering topics from current events, new releases in literature, and parenting. She is a graduate of The University of Texas, and lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and two children. @unexpexpectbaby





Izzy Cihak
Izzy Cihak
, Post-Punk Professor

During the day Izzy Cihak teaches transgression, subversion, and revolution at Temple University. At night he haunts Philly’s best venues to cover worthwhile acts for High Voltage and PHILTHY MAG. Morrissey is everything to him and, in their own heads, all of his friends see themselves as Zooey Deschanel. @IzzyCihak





Naimah Holmes
Naimah Holmes,
Dreamer Extraordinaire

Naimah Holmes is an artist, freelance model, writer, blogger, Whovian, professional daydreamer, and creator of  DMae Clothing a line of hand-painted originally designed clothing and accessories available via Etsy.

In addition to her work in the arts Naimah has been a part of the High Voltage family since 2006 in various forms.  She loves catchy theme songs, cosplay, great choruses, musicals, and cover songs.  She dislikes long intros, poetry that rhymes, hairspray, beef and people who don’t get why Sci- Fi/Fantasy are epic. @NisForNeemah



Zach Van Norman
, Professional Fanboy

A native of the greater Seattle area, Zach has had a lifelong belief in the magical power of storytelling. His passion for film and television led him to the Art Institute of Seattle, where he studied filmmaking and video production while freelancing as the Media Director and podcast producer/host for Once Upon A Fan, the #1 fansite for ABC’s Once Upon A Time. Now residing in Orange County CA, Zach enjoys exploring the worlds of Disneyland and live-tweeting his (rather vocal) reactions to television shows. @TheZachVan