Sentimental Porno By SWIMM

SWIMM | Sentimental Porno | Rating: 7.5/11 | For some four years SWIMM has been a charming gem within Los Angeles’ creative space: a band with an indie-rock bend that flirted with the psychedelic, the soulful and the just plain weird. Two EPs and some life lived later, co-founders Chris Hess and Adam Winn along with Hany Zayan and Marton Bizits […]

Lucifer: Boo, Normal/Once Upon A Time

Lucifer: “Boo, Normal / Once Upon A Time” | Season 2, Episode 22 & 23 | Rating: 8/11 | This week we got two special episodes of Lucifer, which were originally meant to air for the not-currently-upcoming season 4. Both episodes served as stand-alone fillers that had nothing to do with the season 3 finale (#SaveLucifer), but there are comments […]

Riverdale – Chapter Thirty-Five: Brave New World

Riverdale – Chapter Thirty-Five: Brave New World | Season 2, Episode 22 | Rating: 8/11 | Compared to the complete and utter chaos of last week’s episode, Riverdale‘s season finale seemed rather tame by comparison. We find out who wins the election (both mayoral and at school) and discover the fate of a few things including Jughead, the Southside, and […]

Lucifer: A Devil of My Word

Lucifer: A Devil of My Word | Season 3, Episode 24 | Rating: 10/11 | The season finale of Lucifer hit us right in all the feels and, simultaneously, left us full of new questions. While at the time of this writing there is no season 4 planned (#SaveLucifer/#PickUpLucifer), the finale does manage to tidy up everything from season 3. […]

Riverdale – Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgment Night

Riverdale – Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgment Night | Season 2, Episode 21 | Rating: 10/11 | All hell broke loose in this week’s episode of Riverdale and literally no one was safe, except maybe Hiram Lodge. If you thought you knew what pure chaos and pandemonium looked like in Riverdale, let me tell you something: you have no idea what’s possible […]

Lucifer: Quintessential Deckerstar

| Season 3, Episode 23 | Rating: 10/11 | This week’s episode of Lucifer was one wild ride: We have revelations, professions, new schemes, changes of heart, redemption, and death. There’s a lot to talk about so let’s not waste any time… Lucifer is still not bothering to tell Detective Chloe Decker how he really feels about her. Instead, he […]

Riverdale – Chapter Thirty–Three: Shadow of a Doubt

Riverdale – Chapter Thirty–Three: Shadow of a Doubt | Season 2, Episode 20 | Rating: 8/11 | Fear, division, and mob mentality are running rampant through the not-so-sleepy town of Riverdale. New alliances, allegiances, and partnerships form as the walls start to crumble and the town begins to break. Let me explain… While it’s safe to assume the Black Hood […]