5 Reasons To Watch Freeform’s Siren

After three episodes of the new Freeform drama, Siren, what we are dealing with is an interesting vehicle for combining fantasy with reality that doesn’t involve aliens or superheroes saving and/or intent on destroying the planet. Instead, the premise here is simple (yes, that was sarcasm): mermaids are real and they are not here for anyone’s nonsense. Creators/executive producers Eric […]

Riverdale – Chapter Thirty: The Noose Tightens

Riverdale – Chapter Thirty: The Noose Tightens | Season 2, Episode 17 | Rating: 9/11 | Riverdale is the town that seems to thrive on unrest. At the very least, unrest, tension, scandal, and upheaval seem to be the norm for such a small town and it’s a wonder how they manage to survive. I fear that certain occupants will […]

Lucifer: Orange is The New Maze

Lucifer: Orange is The New Maze | Season 3, Episode 19 | Rating: 10/11 | All the feelings from last week’s episode of Lucifer have spilled over into this week’s episode of Lucifer, although there is a decidedly darker mood amongst everyone, save for Detective Chloe Decker and Lieutenant Marcus Pierce. To make things even worse this week, it looks […]

Riverdale – Chapter Twenty-Nine: Primary Colors

Riverdale – Chapter Twenty-Nine: Primary Colors | Season 2, Episode 16 | Rating: 9/11 | Betrayal is a bitch and it’s going around in Riverdale like the flu. And not the backstabbing kind: I’m talking about the cementing of ill-advised alliances and bullheadedness-kind which are proving to be pretty strong influences for drawing lines in the sand. The aftermath of […]

Coming To Netflix In April: Every New Movie, TV Series & Special

From Will Smith’s buddy cop comedy Bad Boys (insert gratuitous photo of Smith’s guns and his guns) to the vampiric Queen of the Damned to Frank Miller’s visual feast/adaptation Sin City to the haunting serial killer Se7en to the awesomely awful Battlefield Earth, Netflix has plenty of movie-somethings worth staying home on a Friday night for. On the Netflix Originals side of the […]

28 Days In The Valley By Dorothy

Dorothy | 28 Days In The Valley | Rating: 8.5/11 | I’m just going to go there and say that Dorothy Martin isn’t in Kansas anymore: that is, if Kansas were a hell-raising, whiskey throated, fist clenched, thrash till the wheels come off state of mind. That Dorothy burned through some demons in order to emerge all phoenix-like and purified […]

Lucifer: The Last Heartbreak

Lucifer: The Last Heartbreak | Season 3, Episode 18 | Rating: 8/11 | Let’s be honest. We’ve all had that one person who we thought was a friend but turned out to be the absolute worst. Well, that’s a bit like how Lucifer feels about Lieutenant Marcus Pierce (aka Cain) at the moment but throw in some pettiness, jealousy, and […]