Fiona Silver Tour Diary Pt. 2: S*** is starting to get weird…

My name is Cortney Armitage and this is part two in a five-part stream of visual consciousness, taking a two-week photographic journey through this strange, wonderful, exhausting, and wild world of tour life with the badass rock ‘n roll chanteuse called Fiona Silver.

Day #2:

To quote Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, “Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.”

By now Fiona, drummer Chris Geller, bassist Steve Salerno, guitarist Guy Fiumarelli and I had all heard at least two of those ‘strange things’ before hitting the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom in New Hampshire.

“The Ballroom is haunted and the beach was weird.”

So before night #3 a late night trip to Walmart for snacks, toiletries, and costume masks was in order. We probably should have known that we were heading into stranger and stranger territory as the fuel stops started getting more animated. Literally. Picture this courtesy of Betty Beavers.

But we made it to the venue, and the weird? Well, they are our people.

Once their set began, without prompting, the crowd began to fill the Ballroom which served to fuel Fiona, Chris, Steve, and Guy. Feeding off of one another, they crushed their set and my heart had a swell of pride at the reaction to “Thunder and Lightning.” Standing on the soundboard barricades I could see over the top of the crowd and as heads collectively nodded in time with approval. Yes, there were a few fist pumps that went up in the air, as well.

Maybe it was the crowd’s reaction, maybe it was the full moon, but whatever it was it brought out the wild man in Guy: only Steve could get him down from on top of the van with the promise of Spiaggia Pizza and deep fried Oreos. And it was over those delicious deep fried Oreos at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom that we realized we were halfway through the tour and we didn’t have a sign. So before heading to Toronto, it was off to a Michael’s arts and crafts store as we only had one day to remedy this matter. It took us the entire day to complete our mission, but I think we did okay. So with a shiny new sign in tow, we took in a bit of light reading before heading to Canada!

To be continued…


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Photos & Words: Cortney Armitage

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