Daena Jay’s Ever Unfolding Story

“What I hope the music is conveying is an ever unfolding story and the fact that I’m always growing and changing.” ~ Daena Jay Daena Jay is a singer/songwriter whose life would actually seem to be changing with far more frequency than the average individual. She comes from South Africa, but has also called London, Durban, and Perth home at […]

Summer Aviation: “Somewhere between My Bloody Valentine and the Carpenters”

In a time when so many musicians want their music to have a recorded-to-released turnover rate of about an hour and a half, there’s something quite nice about a band that isn’t afraid to take their time with a recording.  Such is the case with Summer Aviation.  The Seattle-based husband/wife duo of Kevin and Lee Kelly actually took a solid […]

[Re]Introducing… WASI

Sometimes when work gets backed up and a significant amount of time passes before you can actually post an interview a band will go through some relatively significant changes… In this case, this Silverlake duo actually changed their moniker… When I talked to Cosmo (guitar/vox/synth) and Jess (bass/vox/synth) late this summer they were known as We Are/She Is.  However, this […]

Chic Gamine “have a lot of harmonies runnin’ around”

Chic Gamine are quite a bit of lovely… although a different kind of lovely than their earlier work may have suggested.  Chic Gamine are a four-piece girl group, rounded out by a pretty amazing drummer.  The outfit are from Canada and earlier this year they released their self-titled US debut.  The album rings of sounds ranging from Motown to Ye’ye […]

Maria Minerva… Currently Busy Making Herself Happy

“Everythingis an inspiration.  Right now I’m having some personal issues… as always… with my love life,” electro chanteuse Maria Minerva tells me.  She tells me that her love life always manages to inspire her to feel like she’s being creative: “I think that’s the point when people should be making music.  You can call it heartache, but that’s a big […]

Fear of Men: NOT fearing SXSW

I’m not a fan of large crowds… or sleeping on couches…or un-changed clothes… or unshavenness… which is why I am not with the High Voltage crew at SXSW right now… However, if I were, there are quite a few bands I’m a large fan of and who I would be more than psyched to check out… possibly none more than […]

Beca and the Popularly Surreal

Beca finds inspiration in things like surrealism.  She’s also quite a fan of both the R&B and Industrial of the 1990s.  She has been characterized as “A female Serge Gainsbourg produced by the RZA.”  She’s a bit of an enigma.  But, in a recent chat I had with the postmodern singer/songwriter, she described for me what most inspires her. “It’s […]