Emarosa: The Year Of 131

It was November 15, 2016 and while we were upstairs in the green room of The Echo in Los Angeles, below us the room had quickly filled up with anticipating bodies. Amongst us there was talk of electoral colleges, the fanciful idea of California, Oregon and Washington annexing with Canada as well as incorporating fire dancers, carnivals, orchestras and a […]

In Her Words: Lauren Ruth Ward

There’s something about the spritely Baltimore being formally known as Lauren Ruth Ward. Something. Ethereal yet earthy. Agitated but grounded. Internally vulnerable yet fierce. Talk to her: her words bounce in multiple directions, yet are thoughtful coupled with the art of looking you directly in the eye. It’s almost unsettling, so much direct indirect contact, but there seems to be […]

#TourHappens…With Aric Chase Damm Of The Brevet

For professional musicians, touring is a lot of things: hard work, a necessity, how you make new fans, a main source on income, an excuse to legally run away from home, etc. But if you’re doing it right, then it’s also fun. Take Aric Chase Damm (vox/guitar), John Kingsley (lead guitar), Michael Jones (piano), David Aguair (drums) and Ben Ross (bass) of […]

In His Words: Kamtin Mohager (The Chain Gang of 1974)

It’s one hell of a day of import; a fact not lost on me as I watch Kamtin Mohager, clad in black from head to toe, meticulously organize his tour merch in the front room of the famed Troubadour in Los Angeles. He admits to being slightly OCD about it but where merch is concerned, it’s good business to know […]

Introducing….Ray Little

Who is Ray Little? She’s the side of her artistic self that Lauren Little (former frontwoman of Los Angeles rock band, Queen Caveat) wants to introduce the world to – wants to introduce you to. Queen Caveat hit the ground running in 2011 with their debut EP Emptor and a dynamic sound that translated into intense, adrenalin-filled live shows and […]

Mathias Wakrat of WAKRAT

As a Frenchman, co-owner of a restaurant, drummer and mastermind of the punishingly hard rock trio, WAKRAT, fronted by bassist Tim Commerford (Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave) along with guitarist and fellow countryman Laurent Grangeon, Mathias Wakrat has but one job: play hard, play fast, and play loud. Everything else will sort itself out. The band is fresh off of […]

On The Road With…The Frights

Seasonally, it may be Fall but does surf punk have an expiration date? We think not and neither do San Diego surf punk heroes Mikey Carnevale (vox/guitar), Richard Dotson (bass), and Marc Finn (drums) aka The Frights who kick off a series of show dates with FIDLAR and SWMRS this week on the Too Much Tour. It’s what happens when you bug […]