Connecting The Dots With MisterWives

If you are Mandy Lee (vox), Etienne Bowler (drums), William Hehir (bass), Marc Campbell (guitar), Jesse Blum (keys, trumpet, accordion) and Mike Murphy (saxophone) aka MisterWives, how do you follow up your wildly successful 2015 debut album, Our Own House? You connect the dots. Produced by Bowler and Butch Walker (Weezer, Taylor Swift, P!nk), Connect The Dots (released on May 19th […]


Early in the afternoon at a small café in West Hollywood, CA is when and where I meet Eric Stang and Mario Cerutti of the Los Angeles duo, Polarcode, and Eric is putting the final killing strokes on his salad. The kind of salad that he ordered is irrelevant (arugula, if you really must know), what’s important is the fact […]

Goodbye June

“I’m Landon Milbourn. Lead vocalist, star extraordinaire.” “This is Tyler. Tyler Baker. The real star vocal. I play guitar.” “Brandon Qualkenbush. Guitar. I’m celebrating 04/20 in full effect right now.” And that is how our conversation began. Oh, Goodbye June, what are we going to do with you? Let’s put that question into proper (and G-rated) perspective: The Nashville trio […]

Taylor John Williams

Whether you are a Los Angeles native, a momentary visitor or an out of town transplant, Friday nights on Hollywood Blvd are a strange beast. It’s one of LA’s many boulevards but this one specializes in dreams (broken and fulfilled), kitschy novelty stores, Scientology centers, the best Captain Jack Sparrows money can buy, venues, heavy traffic and eateries with overly […]

Ernie Hudson (APB)

We had a chance to talk to legendary actor Ernie Hudson about his journey through Hollywood, the many projects he’s working on and upcoming finale of his FOX show, APB. High Voltage: What can you tell us (no spoilers) about the finale of APB? Ernie Hudson: Well, the show started out introducing this billionaire and his toys creating this private […]

Rick Worthy and Jade Tailor (The Magicians)

High Voltage: Firstly, congratulations on the third season renewal! Jade Tailor: Yeah, thank you so much! I appreciate that, it’s so exciting! Rick Worthy: Yeah, thank you so much. I think after almost thirty years in the business, that’s probably the best news anyone can hear! [laughs] “You got picked up!” [laughs] HV: Now Dean Fogg has been stern yet […]

Into The Light With Missio

On an early evening in March, David Butler and Matthew Brue were prepping for a private, intimate show in the Fairfax Village area of Los Angeles. The performance space was as warm as the day (climate change, kids) but one assumes that a band based in Austin, TX would be used to such things. At the end of the evening, […]