#TourHappens With…The Faim

It’s still fairly early in 2019 but Perth, Australia export, The Faim, have already knocked off a pretty major milestone in their young career. In support of their debut EP, Summer Is a Curse,  Josh Raven (vox), Sam Tye (guitar), Stephen Beerkens (bass/keys), and Linden Marissen (drums) embarked on their very first headline tour in January: a string of UK […]

#TourHappens With….Welles

Jesse Wells of his namesake band, Welles, has never canceled a show: never prior to Tuesday, February 26thof this year, that is. On Sunday the 24th, the band left Minneapolis heading south on the I-35 enroute to their next gig at Larimer Lounge in Denver on Tuesday, but they ran into some issues: snow, whiteout conditions, and an interstate about […]

Modern Day Rock Relevance With Badflower

When you think about it, historically, music has always had a societal function other than being mere entertainment: troubadours of the middle ages sang songs to tell stories, spread news, and pass down lore, spirituals were sung by African American slaves to reinforce Christian values and vocalize the hardships of slavery, and the 1960s were ripe with protest songs about […]

Experiencing This Time With Donna Missal

When Donna Missal hits the road on tour, she has needs. “I’m like super serious about my health on tour because the most important thing to me…I really want to do a great job and put on a great show. And the only way for me to do that is to be physically all there…so I bring a lot of […]

Lauren Ruth Ward Is Here For You, Los Angeles

If there is one Los Angeles-based artist whom the LA music community has taken a profoundly healthy shine to (if not downright fallen in love with), it’s Lauren Ruth Ward. In the three short years since officially settling down in this City of Angels, the sheer force of her natures – musical, professional, social, personal – have shaped the Baltimore, […]


Between the two of them, Max Collins and Kenny Carkeet have a few decades of band and band touring experience behind them. Most easily referenced: Collins with Eve 6 and Carkeet with AWOLNATION. After randomly meeting at a festival in 2012 and staying in touch, Collins and Carkeet decided to spread their creative wings and in FITNESS was born. Swerving out of […]

Getting To Know…The Dirty Nil

While their songs sound as if they should be blaring in a seedy, beer-soaked basement doubling as an unlicensed venue, Luke Bentham (vox/guitar), Ross Miller (bass) and Kyle Fisher (drums) aka the Dirty Nil are not that dirty at all. In fact, the 2017 Breakthrough Group of the Year Juno Award winners are fairly well groomed, pleasant smelling and perfectly lovely […]