“Supergiant” By Valley Queen

The Who: Valley Queen (Los Angeles, CA) The What: While a supergiant may be an exceptionally luminous and fast burning star with a diameter more than 100 times that of the sun, it’s also the title track to Valley Queen’s debut full-length album due out July 13th on Roll Call Records. Frontwoman Natalie Carol descibes “Supergiant” as being about “how […]

“Wild Card” By Paul McDonald

The Who: Paul McDonald (East Nashville, TN) The What: “I actually do own that suit!” admits Paul McDonald. “My closet is always a bit overkill. I own a handful of custom suits I’ve had designed for me or I’ve acquired over the years.” We’ll shelve the argument of whether a man makes the clothes or if clothes make the man for a […]

“I Want Your Trouble” By Brandy Zdan

The Who: Brandy Zdan (Nashville, TN) The What: Sometimes it’s the simplest things that can bring on the inspiraton. See Nashville-by-way-of-Canada Brandy Zdan for further. Imagine that you’re dating and one day your beau shoots you a text message that says, “I want your trouble.” Indeed, there are a myriad of ways for one to respond to such a relationship juncture […]

“Inaction” By LEAN

The Who: Lean (Los Angeles, CA) The What: Relationships are hard and there truly is no sensation quite like that of feeling alone while you’re with someone, particularly a significant other. As the Los Angeles duo Lean, Stephen Johnson and Kyle McCammon wield that subtlely sharp indie pop blade with precision in their song and video “Inaction.” Lean just announced […]

“Next To Me” By Imagine Dragons

The Victim. The Witness. The Mother. The Coroner. The Elder Man. The Priest. In this life, everyone has a part to play. Odds are that you had zero intention of tweeting something like, “I’m not crying, you’re crying!” today. Odds are that you will, anyway. In February those Las Vegas favorite sons, Imagine Dragons, tacked the single “Next To Me” onto […]

“Kiss Like A Woman” By Mona

The Who: MONA (Nashville, TN) The What: So…where was MONA when the rest of us had to suffer through bad prom DJs? No, seriously… Moving on. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Nick Brown puts his powerful voice to work and enlists friends Langley Fox and Madison Paige to lend character assists to deliver a love and sex-positive video message. “It […]

“One In, One Out” by We Are Scientists

The Who: We Are Scientists (Brooklyn, NY) The What: Hey Keith Murray….Chris Cain: what’s up, guys? So nice to see We Are Scientists again! Yeah, we hear that you’re sitting on a monster new album of bangers called Megaplex. Comes out on April 27th? Can’t wait, but in the meantime, we’re really digging the shiny groove and indie synth of the […]