“Too Late” By Minke

THE WHO: Minke THE WHAT: When British singer/songwriter, Minke, released her debut EP, The Tearoom, in March, she gave us a fuller taste of the burgeoning artist’s flair for blues flavored pop in a neat little package where she – lyrically – spilled the ‘tea’ on bits of her life. Her new video, “Too Late,” directed by Aisha Tyler (yes, that […]

“Slow Motion” By flor

THE WHO: flor (Los Angeles, CA) THE WHAT: What do we like about flor? Yes, we like the fact that the Oregon-native band comprised of Zach Grace (vox/guitar), Dylan Bauld (bass), McKinley Kitts (guitar), and Kyle Hill (drums) transplanted themselves here to Los Angeles, but we’re particularly fond of the deliciously synthy and groove-laden alt-pop that they traffic in. We […]

“I Wonder” By Bay Ledges

THE WHO: Bay Ledges (Los Angeles, CA) THE WHAT: Even if you are the subject of a breakup song, it might be pretty damned hard to grudge against that breakup song when it shimmers with warm nostalgia and packs a gentle heart punch the way that “I Wonder” by the LA-based indie pop outfit Bay Ledges does. “It’s about wanting […]

“Sepulveda Basin” By Liily

THE WHO: Liily (Los Angeles, CA) THE WHAT: Due to Lilly’s 2018 releases, “Sold” and “Toro,” showing them to be an alt-rock band that punches with impressive authority, we got the feeling that youth may not be entirely wasted on the young even if the video for their latest single, “Sepulveda Basin,” reeks of lo-fi, time-killing, dudely aimlessness. “This video is […]

“Cinema Love” By Patrick Martin

THE WHO: Patrick Martin (Los Angeles, CA) THE WHAT: At its best, a music video can be one of an artist’s most uniquely powerful storytelling vehicles that can translate a thought, a concept, or a moment into an affecting visual capture that aspires to do more than entertain: it strives to genuinely to make us feel, make us experience…something. Apparently Wisconsin […]

“Shame” By Sego

The Who: Sego (Los Angeles, CA) When Sego first presented itself in 2014 as a duo, Spencer Petersen and Thomas Carroll were fleshing out the thoroughly intriguing sound of a jagged little art-rock/punk pill; more avant-garde and danceable than run-of-the-mill indie fare. Fast forward 4+ years, one full-length album and the addition of Alyssa Davey and Brandon McBride (alomg with his […]

“The New Great Depression” By The Moth & The Flame

“For the video we wanted to find a way to personify various inner struggles that we carry with us every day – the hidden parts of ourselves that can bring us both weakness and strength throughout our lives.”   The Who: The Moth & The Flame (Los Angeles, CA) The What: Since forming as The Moth & The Flame in […]