“Little One” By Highly Suspect

The Who: Highly Suspect (Cape Cod, MA/Brooklyn, NY) The What: If there is one thing that has always been reflected in the music that Johnny Stevens, Rich Meyer and Ryan Meyer rock out, it is conscious thought; just one of the reasons why they are one of High Voltage’s favorite On The Rise artists. And that not so simple aspect is what […]

“Swim” (Ft. Zefire) By HER

The Who: Her (France) The What: Victor Solf and Simon Carpentier truly do specialize in a precise kind of sexy time: it’s a minimalist’s take on R&B and soul that hovers beneath the delicately crushing weight of love, sex and passion so you may want to keep a cigarette (or vape) handy. Under the moniker Her, the duo occupy the sacred space of […]

“Baby I’m Broken” By The Record Company

The Who: The Record Company (Los Angeles, CA) The What: Purveyors of rock n’ roll that nails that sweet spot where beer-chased Delta blues, raw electric soul and a fresh, reverent generation meet to carry on the torch: thy name is The Record Company. Since their 2011 inception as The Record Company in a Los Angeles living room, the trio has […]

“My Love Is A Cannibal” By Joe Marson

The Who: Joe Marson (Los Angeles, CA) The What: Love is a beautiful thing…unless it’s a cannibalistic thing, which is a whole other matter. Ask Joe Marson, the soulful alternative rocker who deep dives into that headspace with his single, “My Love Is A Cannibal” from his upcoming EP Electric Soul Magic Vol. II (out on April 14th). With a sound […]

“Believer” By Imagine Dragons

The Who: Imagine Dragons (Las Vegas, NV) The What: Dolph Lundgren. Who in their right mind would want to go toe-to-toe with that guy? He’s He-Man. The Punisher. And did we not see Rocky IV??? Pour one out for Apollo Creed. From the safety of a metaphorical space comes this video for Imagine Dragons’ current single, “Believer.” Directed by Matt […]

“Winning As Truth” By Trapdoor Social

The Who: Trapdoor Social (Los Angeles, CA) The What: As Trapdoor Social, Merritt Graves, Skylar Funk, Louie Gonzalez, Patrick Griffen and Ben Ebert are that alternative rock band driven as much by social activism as by the art of making music: do you know any other band who tours the county in a solar trailer putting on solar-powered, clean energy […]

“Sweet Disaster” By Dreamers

The Who: Dreamers (Los Angeles, CA) The What: Wow, Dreamers. Just wow. Since relocating from the east coast to the west, Nick Wold, Nelson and Jacob Wick seem to have made themselves quite comfortable in the land of make believe aka Los Angeles; we’re glad to have them here, and – apparently – they know how to make damned good/hilarious use of […]