“Sweet Disaster” By Dreamers

The Who: Dreamers (Los Angeles, CA) The What: Wow, Dreamers. Just wow. Since relocating from the east coast to the west, Nick Wold, Nelson and Jacob Wick seem to have made themselves quite comfortable in the land of make believe aka Los Angeles; we’re glad to have them here, and – apparently – they know how to make damned good/hilarious use of […]

“Kanye’s In My Head” By Boy Epic

The Who: Boy Epic (Dallas, TX/ Los Angeles, CA) The What: Perhaps more of a headspace than a physical state of being, Boy Epic has an issue or two to contend with as you can clearly see in his latest video venture/adventure, “Kanye’s In My Head.” But it’s nothing that his cinematic pop noir-ish sound hyped by some clever/creepy/comical/comic book/Nightmare […]

“Hello” By Smoke Season

The Who: Smoke Season (Los Angeles, CA) The What: There’s a lot to dig about Gabrielle Wortman and Jason Rosen who make up the electro-soulful duo Smoke Season, not the least of which are their musical stylistic choices when covering time-tested songs with very distinct identities. Last year they tackled The Talking Heads’ punchy “Psycho Killer” and imbued it with so […]

“It’s How I Feel (Free)” By Leopold And His Fiction

The Who: Leopold and His Fiction (Austin, TX) The What: The new album from Daniel Leopold and his trusty Fiction, Darling Destroyer, is due out on January 27th and, par for the band’s musical course, their latest single, “It’s How I Feel” is an exercise in flagrantly fiery guitar work and uniquely crafted lyrics. As for the song’s inspiration, according […]

“New Heart” By Heaps n Heaps

The Who: Heaps n Heaps (Los Angeles, CA) The What: One inevitability of life is – whether we like it or not – anything that begins must eventually come to an end. Capturing that natural fact is the indie folk foursome of Alisa Fedele, Zach Moon, John Pruitt and Dan Dowsett as Heaps n Heaps and their latest single, “New Heart.” […]

Video Premiere: “When I’m Through” By OSLO

The Who: OSLO (Los Angeles, CA) The What: OSLO is Mattia Borrani, Kerry Wayne James and Gabrial McNair and first made their musical mark in 2005 with their self-titled debut album. After a hiatus during which McNair spent a good chunk of time as a touring member of No Doubt along with touring with Tegan and Sara, The Morning After EP (released on December 2, […]

“Jungle” By Night Talks

The Who: Night Talks (Los Angeles, CA) The What: It would appear that all is not particularly well within burgeoning Los Angeles alt-rock band Night Talks…if you were to base your opinion upon singer Soraya Sebghati almost gleefully picking off her bandmates Jacob Butler (guitar) plus brothers Josh  (bass) and Cris (drums) Arteaga one by one. Hell hath no fury, much? […]