“Daisy” By Goodbye June

The Who: Goodbye June (Nashville, TN) The What: Landon Milbourn, Brandon Qualkenbush and Tyler Baker are Goodbye June and on May 5th the glorious haired trio released their major label debut album, Magic Valley. It’s good stuff: full of all-American, Southern-tinged, crunchy guitar rock exploring love and life and, case in point: “Daisy.” It just happens to be one of […]

“Slide” By JMSN

The Who: JMSN (Los Angeles, CA via Detroit, MI) The What: Music videos tend to tell a tale, regardless of whether that tale is direct and in your face or as abstract a mindfuck as calculus. Cue Christian Berishaj aka JMSN (just like the scorchingly smooth whisky) flexing his imagery imagination all over his video for “Slide” –  just one of the […]

“Little One” By Highly Suspect

The Who: Highly Suspect (Cape Cod, MA/Brooklyn, NY) The What: If there is one thing that has always been reflected in the music that Johnny Stevens, Rich Meyer and Ryan Meyer rock out, it is conscious thought; just one of the reasons why they are one of High Voltage’s favorite On The Rise artists. And that not so simple aspect is what […]

“Swim” (Ft. Zefire) By HER

The Who: Her (France) The What: Victor Solf and Simon Carpentier truly do specialize in a precise kind of sexy time: it’s a minimalist’s take on R&B and soul that hovers beneath the delicately crushing weight of love, sex and passion so you may want to keep a cigarette (or vape) handy. Under the moniker Her, the duo occupy the sacred space of […]

“Baby I’m Broken” By The Record Company

The Who: The Record Company (Los Angeles, CA) The What: Purveyors of rock n’ roll that nails that sweet spot where beer-chased Delta blues, raw electric soul and a fresh, reverent generation meet to carry on the torch: thy name is The Record Company. Since their 2011 inception as The Record Company in a Los Angeles living room, the trio has […]

“My Love Is A Cannibal” By Joe Marson

The Who: Joe Marson (Los Angeles, CA) The What: Love is a beautiful thing…unless it’s a cannibalistic thing, which is a whole other matter. Ask Joe Marson, the soulful alternative rocker who deep dives into that headspace with his single, “My Love Is A Cannibal” from his upcoming EP Electric Soul Magic Vol. II (out on April 14th). With a sound […]

“Believer” By Imagine Dragons

The Who: Imagine Dragons (Las Vegas, NV) The What: Dolph Lundgren. Who in their right mind would want to go toe-to-toe with that guy? He’s He-Man. The Punisher. And did we not see Rocky IV??? Pour one out for Apollo Creed. From the safety of a metaphorical space comes this video for Imagine Dragons’ current single, “Believer.” Directed by Matt […]