“Fever Pitch” By Rainbow Kitten Surprise

The Who: Rainbow Kitten Surprise (Boone, NC) The What: Once upon a time, five funky folk-soul rockers named Sam Melo (lead vox), Darrick “Bozzy” Keller (guitar/vox), Ethan Goodpaster (lead guitar/vox), Jess Haney (drums) and Charlie Holt (bass/vox) got together under the design of making some warm-blooded and groovy tunes. Adorably, they called themselves Rainbow Kitten Surprise. They did some stuff […]

“Harvey Talk” By the Scared Crows

The Who: The Scared Crows (Los Angeles, CA) The What: After the year that was 2017, we (the human race) have much to think about, reconcile and resolve when it comes to how we treat one another and, because of that, one shouldn’t be too surprised if art (in its various and powerful forms) in 2018 has a tendency to reflect […]

“Lost In The Sun” By Joe Marson

The Who: Joe Marson (Los Angeles, CA) The What: While it never seems so in the time, more often than not, some of our darkest moments tend to wind up bearing a beneficial light. A perfect and perfectly simple example is Joe Marson’s new video for his song, “Lost in the Sun” from his Electric Soul Magic, Vol. II EP. While […]

“Plastic Soul” By Mondo Cozmo

The Who: Mondo Cozmo (Los Angeles, CA) The What: “This is Mondo Cozmo and I was given a budget to make a video for my song, “Plastic Soul,” but instead I donated that money to the Best Friends Animal Society and shot the video with my phone. The video features dogs that are all available for adoption so if you like any […]

“I Don’t Mind” By Darren Criss

The Who: Darren Criss (Los Angeles, CA) The What: Perhaps you want to know How to Succeed in Business Without Even Trying (yeah, don’t we all?) or feel a sense of Glee because someone finally gave the Hedwig and the Angry Inch in you a voice that can be heard in a world that feels like an American Crime Story. Or […]

“Thorns” By Lo Moon

The Who: Lo Moon (Los Angeles, CA) The What: When Matt Lowell, Crisanta Baker and Sam Stewart of Lo Moon quietly released a glacial and pristinely gorgeous 7-minute opus titled “Loveless” last September, it was a shock to the system – the listening system – with all of it’s heady emotional maturity, and intimate pull. We were into it and them and […]

“Joan Of Arc” By BRÅVES

The Who: BRÅVES (Los Angeles, CA) The What: Over the years we have become familiar and friendly with the music created by The Brothers Koren (Jericho and his brother, Thorald) in the form of The Kin, and we have extended that familiarity to their experimental expression of BRÅVES; their collaboration with producer Johnny What which – earlier this year – yielded a […]