Everything Is Alright With The Glorious Sons At The Wiltern

The Wiltern | Los Angeles, CA | July 2, 2019 | Photos: ZB Images | What is there to like about the Glorious Sons? Quite a lot, actually, and Los Angeles is proving rather fond of them. On the heels of their current single, “Panic Attack,” the six-man Canadian outfit rolled into the Wiltern in support of the Struts bearing […]

5 Reasons To See Dreamers Live

  On March 11th at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles, I got to experience the delight that comes with a Dreamers show for the third time. In that spirit, I thought that I should do my civic musical duty and share 5 Reasons To See Dreamers Live in case you’ve been snoozing on this band…  1) Sweet and Nasty […]

Rock, Roll, Soul: Vintage Trouble At The Troubadour

The Troubadour | Los Angeles, CA | November 15, 2018 | Words & Photo: Jessica Stell | On an average night in Los Angeles, there is always much to do and show sacrifices to make, but you always know that a good time is going to happen when Vintage Trouble are involved. That’s because these hometown heroes know how to put on […]

The Struts Prove Bulletproof, Baby, At Bowery Ballroom

Bowery Ballroom | New York, CA | October 3, 2018 | Photos: Cortney Armitage | Words: Fred Sahai |   “No one tells me what I can and cannot fucking do!” declared Luke Spiller, the androgynous frontman of the UK glam rock band The Struts, to the second sold-out crowd that he and bandmates Adam Slack (guitar), Jed Elliott (bass), and […]

Music Family Takes Over The Moroccan Lounge For Wolf Bay’s Single Release Party

Moroccan Lounge | Los Angeles, CA | July 29, 2018 | Photos: Chris Camargo | It was a single release party and a fundraiser but – possibly of the greatest importance – it was also a gathering more familial than not. On Sunday night Los Angeles and the Moroccan Lounge welcomed music industry veteran Dean Passarella’s new artist incarnation, Wolf Bay (whose […]

DREAMERS LAUNCH at Harvard & Stone

Harvard & Stone | Los Angeles, CA | July 12, 2018 | “I’m going to enjoy the hell out of this moment: I invite you to do the same.” Nick Wold (DREAMERS) Thanks for the invitation Nick and, as a matter of fact, we absolutely did enjoy the hell out of ourselves. Secret/invitation-only shows happen all of the time here […]

Until The Ribbon Breaks (The Peppermint Club)

The Peppermint Club | Los Angeles, CA | December 7, 2017 | Photo Credit: Kristen Coveleskie “I’ve made a schoolboy error.” Pete Lawrie-Winfield admitted midway through the set. “I forgot to put a microphone at the keyboard.” A minor logistical lapse easily rectified and even more easily forgiven considering the circumstance: that circumstance being this was Los Angeles-by-way-of-Cardiff, Wales Until The […]