Video Premiere: “When I’m Through” By OSLO

The Who: OSLO (Los Angeles, CA) The What: OSLO is Mattia Borrani, Kerry Wayne James and Gabrial McNair and first made their musical mark in 2005 with their self-titled debut album. After a hiatus during which McNair spent a good chunk of time as a touring member of No Doubt along with touring with Tegan and Sara, The Morning After EP (released on December 2, […]

“Jungle” By Night Talks

The Who: Night Talks (Los Angeles, CA) The What: It would appear that all is not particularly well within burgeoning Los Angeles alt-rock band Night Talks…if you were to base your opinion upon singer Soraya Sebghati almost gleefully picking off her bandmates Jacob Butler (guitar) plus brothers Josh  (bass) and Cris (drums) Arteaga one by one. Hell hath no fury, much? […]

“Perfectly Perfect” By Simple Plan

The Who: Simple Plan (Montreal, Quebec) The What: Often when we present a Video Of The Week we do so with some commentary about the song, the visuals or the artist’s hair. But vocalist Pierre Bouvier from Simple Plan spoke simply about their single “Perfectly Perfect” and it’s…well…perfect. “‘Perfectly Perfect’ is about being in love with someone and seeing only beauty in every […]

“My Reflection” By King Washington

The Who: King Washington (Los Angeles, CA) The What: We are fans of King Washington and for a handful of very valid reasons named Tyson Kelly (vox/guitar), George Krikes (vox/guitar) and Billy Lee (vox/bass). Easily considered one of Los Angeles’ musically brightest bands, these guys are dealers in fantastically rich musicality that sources rock, folk, harmonies, California soul, crazy good […]

“Dance” By Leon Else

The Who: Leon Else (Los Angeles, CA by way of London, England) The What: Having seen “Dance,” there really was no other option for our new Video of the Week because what we’re dealing with is form, movement, emotion, function and music as they all conspire to effect a beautiful measure of personal and natural ecstasy in order to break through, to […]

“Saturday Night” By Half The Animal

The Who: Half The Animal (Los Angeles, CA) The What: There’s a lot going on “Saturday Night” with the LA based alternative pop/rock band Half The Animal. Ignoring the obvious question of why only half the animal instead of a whole, there’s studio time, skatebording, a pool party and an inflatable pink flamingo that Chase Johnson, Nick Gross, Evan Smith and Alex […]

“Shine” By Mondo Cozmo

The Who: Mondo Cozmo (Los Angeles, CA) The What: Take a deep breath…inhale, exhale, then press ‘play’. Because the latest single from Mondo Cozmo (aka Joshua Ostrander) just may have served up the one thing that every person in these United States (let alone on the planet) needs during this God-awful thing called Election 2016: four minutes and thirty seven seconds […]