“Cinema Love” By Patrick Martin

THE WHO: Patrick Martin (Los Angeles, CA) THE WHAT: At its best, a music video can be one of an artist’s most uniquely powerful storytelling vehicles that can translate a thought, a concept, or a moment into an affecting visual capture that aspires to do more than entertain: it strives to genuinely to make us feel, make us experience…something. Apparently Wisconsin […]

“Shame” By Sego

The Who: Sego (Los Angeles, CA) When Sego first presented itself in 2014 as a duo, Spencer Petersen and Thomas Carroll were fleshing out the thoroughly intriguing sound of a jagged little art-rock/punk pill; more avant-garde and danceable than run-of-the-mill indie fare. Fast forward 4+ years, one full-length album and the addition of Alyssa Davey and Brandon McBride (alomg with his […]

“The New Great Depression” By The Moth & The Flame

“For the video we wanted to find a way to personify various inner struggles that we carry with us every day – the hidden parts of ourselves that can bring us both weakness and strength throughout our lives.”   The Who: The Moth & The Flame (Los Angeles, CA) The What: Since forming as The Moth & The Flame in […]

“Drink To Paradise” By The Candescents

  The Who: The Candescents (Columbus, OH) The What: A good song need not be complicated like rocket science for it to wedge itself into your consciousness and the Candescents prove that straight up with their pretty damned delightful and – for lack of a better word – incandescent summery jam, “Drink To Paradise” from their upcoming EP, Grass. Perhaps it’s the […]

“Desperate Dance”‘ By In The Valley Below

The Who: In The Valley Below (Grand Rapids, MI) The What: It’s in the valley of the mind’s eye where we can visualize, contemplate, remember and imagine what is, what was and what we want to be. So husband and wife duo Angela Gail and Jeffrey Jacob of In The Valley Below took to the desert of California’s Joshua Tree in […]

“Warriors” By KARMIC

The Who: KARMIC (Los Angeles, CA) The What: You have to admit that humanity is living in a unique moment in time. We don’t know how history will judge our political, philosophical, cultural or scientific selves, but when it comes to our societal selves, at least we are sliding forward on human empowerment scale.   And that is something that the […]

“London Don’t Lie” By Tatiana DeMaria

The Who: Tatiana DeMaria (London, England) The What: If there’s one thing that Tatiana DeMaria is familiar with, it’s Warped Tour-life. “Warped was our introduction to touring the U.S. with TAT and Kevin Lyman’s support was invaluable in building our band out here.” says London-born Tatiana DeMaria. With a shift in sound and creative direction, DeMaria has stepped out from being the […]