“Hoax” By Ramonda Hammer

“We will have to save ourselves / With physical and mental health” – “Hoax”

Photo Credit: Michael Haight

Those words to thrive by have been brought to you by Ramonda Hammer.

They are a Los Angeles foursome with an unconventional take on the familiar sound of grunge composed of Devin Davis (vox/guitar), Justin Geter (guitar), Andy Hengl (bass), and Mark Edwards (drums) who have been an integral member of a particular enclave of gifted talent in the form of women, women-fronted, and queer-fronted bands in LA.

Their last release was 2017’s heavy-hitting Destroyers EP. On June 14th, comes Ramonda Hammer’s latest full-length album, I Never Wanted Company, produced by Alex Newport (Bloc Party, Frank Turner, Death Cab For Cutie, Criminal Hygiene) out via New Professor Music, but today they revealed a hint of what our ears are in store for with the lead single, “Hoax.”

It’s an empowering sliver from I Never Wanted Company and shows how Ramonda Hammer is refining their musical selves: in a span of 3:15 minutes “Hoax” travels from cool intensity to brash guitars to metallic tasting rhythms as Davis captures the powerful feelings of feeling the need to honestly own your life despite the anxious moments. As a whole, the album is something of a musical note of the two-year struggle that Davis felt between loneliness and independence, and yet I Never Wanted Company may be the most dynamic statement they’ve made yet.

Stream “Hoax” below.


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