The Patient & I

I’ve had my eye on this artist for a while now… and with good reason. Many bands attempt the Acoustic/Electronic/Ambient sound, but Lewis Wall A.K.A. The Patient And I has the combination just right: heartfelt lyrics and grand arrangements brought together by a graceful voice. ~ Naimah Holmes TPAI is currently the guitarist for another HV favorite, Balance Problems, who […]

Brad Walsh

What can be said about Brad Walsh that you can’t find via Google?! But please don’t go and believe everything you read on Wikipedia PLEASE!! Form your own opinion people!! And while you do that listen to the glam-fantastic-amazing-dancable-ultra-exciting-let’s-get-on-that-dancefloor-and-tear-it-up-stylings of BW. So, no, he’s wasn’t born in the 60’s, nor is he a baby-daddy. He is, however, a photographer,the man […]

Meet : Temposhark

Our first band crush of 2008 has arrived! Temposhark, hailing from London, are getting ready to release their debut, The Invisible Line, in March. They’ve got synth power, a killer voice, and violin parts that make The Faint shake in their boots. The Invisible Line hasn’t come out of the CD player since it arrived at the High Voltage office […]


Ike, the little band that could. Formerly know as The John Faye Power Trip, they keep the hits coming. Philadelphia is lucky to have them still around. I’m suprised New York or LA hasn’t stolen this four piece rock band away from us! Led by the ever so talented Mr. John Faye, Ike have been at it since 2003. Sharing […]

Dirty Fuzz

BIO :From the crowded and crumbling streets of London emerge a band with a brand of rock n roll as belligerent and inspired as the graffiti that informs the capital’s walls. Through the haze of dust ridden, dirt fuelled guitars propelled by a primitive and unrelenting bottom end comes a vocal so steeped in soul and blues that it takes […]

Dead Dog In Black Bag

According to MelissaDead Dog In Black Bag Drum machine + synths + two British chicks + funny lyrics = Dead Dog In Black Bag Their name is rather disturbing (they even have a photo of it to go along with one of their tracks) but once you get past that, you’ll have an amusing listen. All four tracks on their […]

Justin Mayhugh

Pop Rock/Acoustic/Alternative Stumbled upon this artist while doing the usual MySpace music searches. He seems to be in a number of other bands (still doing the research on him), but so far I’m really liking what I’m hearing. Who knew Kansas City had talent?! Justin lists Bob Dylan as an influence. By simply looking at that photo, it’s obvious. Can’t […]