“The New Great Depression” By The Moth & The Flame

“For the video we wanted to find a way to personify various inner struggles that we carry with us every day – the hidden parts of ourselves that can bring us both weakness and strength throughout our lives.”   The Who: The Moth & The Flame (Los Angeles, CA) The What: Since forming as The Moth & The Flame in […]

“Live While I Breathe” By The Moth & The Flame

“I will move the ground / Pull the curtains down / Wear my fist on my sleeve / And live while I breathe”  The Who: The Moth & The Flame (Los Angeles, CA) The What: While the video’s black, white and wintry visualizations may be chilly and stark, everything about Brandon Robbins (vox, guitar), Andrew Tolman (drums), Michael Goldman (bass) […]

“Young & Unafraid” By The Moth & The Flame

The Who: The Moth & the Flame (Los Angeles, CA) The What: While we wait for their second full length album (their first on Elektra Records) to materialize, let’s examine The Moth & the Flame’s brand new video for their brand new single, “Young & Unafraid.” Attitude: check. Determination: check. Failure not being an option: check. Defiant statement of purpose: […]

The Art of Rock: The Moth & the Flame

“When we first moved here I was really in love with the donut shops that are on every corner. I thought that was pretty amazing.” That’s what the Moth & the Flame keyboardist, Mark Garbett had to say. The musical road from their native Provo, UT to Los Angeles, CA measures approximately 645 miles and at the end of the […]

Dirty Glitter 2013 In Review #2: ft. Brendan James, The Alarm Science, The Moth & the Flame

Welcome to the second installment in my series of recaps of the songs and artists that I selected for our High Voltage segment on Dirty Glitter with Brody Ramone and I’m extra fond of these choices for various reasons. Dirty Glitter 9/26/2013: Diversity Rocks A little art rock, a quintessential singer/songwriter and some indie rock touched with electronica. Diversity makes the musical […]

Music On, World Off: The Silent (But Timely) Comedy

“This album is a collection of anthems for dark times,” says Joshua Zimmerman. “Given the state of society today, we feel this is a perfect time to release Enemies Multiply.” Zimmerman, his brother Jeremiah, Chad Lee and Justin Buchanan are the Silent Comedy and on Friday, October 19th their long suffered and awaited third album will be released into the […]

Hear This: New Music Friday ~ 10/14/16

Even though we’re heading towards winding up the year, there are still quality artists and releases freshly arrived and on the way like, say, Barcelona (remember them?) whose new album, Basic Man, is out today. And as it’s New Music Friday, I hope that you’ve had a chance to dig into and through my Spotify HEAR THIS playlist! Every Friday 13 new […]