“Live While I Breathe” By The Moth & The Flame

“I will move the ground / Pull the curtains down / Wear my fist on my sleeve / And live while I breathe”

The Who: The Moth & The Flame (Los Angeles, CA)

The What: While the video’s black, white and wintry visualizations may be chilly and stark, everything about Brandon Robbins (vox, guitar), Andrew Tolman (drums), Michael Goldman (bass) and Mark Garbett (keys, vox) aka The Moth & The Flame’s latest single, “Live While I Breathe” (from their latest album, Young & Unafraid) is rich and warm-blooded. Ahh, dichotomy. Shades of synth/art and alternative rock have always found their elemental selves part of TMTF’s musical DNA and the result is a loafty track serving as a call for living – and fighting – with courage as heady and resonant as Robbins’ vocals.

The Where: Keeping tabs on The Moth & The Flame is as easy as heading over to their Facebook page, official website  or following @TheMothTheFlame on Twitter.