Dirty Glitter 2013 In Review #2: ft. Brendan James, The Alarm Science, The Moth & the Flame

Welcome to the second installment in my series of recaps of the songs and artists that I selected for our High Voltage segment on Dirty Glitter with Brody Ramone and I’m extra fond of these choices for various reasons.

Dirty Glitter 9/26/2013: Diversity Rocks

A little art rock, a quintessential singer/songwriter and some indie rock touched with electronica. Diversity makes the musical world go round.

Brendan James: “The Skeptic”
[I chose this particular song from Brendan because it’s the voice of reality to me, personally. That thing I said about daily minefields and mindfucks? Here’s a song saying amongst all of that, having a saving something to hold on to]
In the vein of the singer/songwriter, Brendan James possesses the immense gift of being able to paint a lyrical picture and tell a story so vivid you can almost taste it. He’s from Derry, NH and specializes in emotionally connected and connective piano driven moments of song that reflect his personal convictions: whether he’s singing about gun violence or divorce or conscious living, Brendan does it with elegant honesty and care. This track is “The Skeptic” and from his latest album, Simplify which, according to Brendan, represents him “finding a clarity” he’d been searching for for years. So pay particular attention to the lyrics because there’s gold in there.

The Alarm Science: “Uncover All The Scars”
“Getting a lesson in how it’s done by The Alarm Science.”
[All I can say about the Alarm Science is as good as they sound recorded, live they’re ridiculous. In the best way]
That was a tweet sent out to the interwebz by a musician who happened to be catching the Alarm Science’s set recently and, generally, you know it’s good when other musicians are all over it. Made up of Cameron Meshell and Marc Slutsky and, while only a mere two guys, this Los Angeles-based duo who lace their rock with a touch of electronica make amazingly good noise live. Hopefully they’ll hit the road soon and head your way so that you all can find out for yourselves.

The Moth and the Flame: “Sorry”
[This is a band that has an emotional pull to me; there’s this musical tension about their songs which requires leaning into. I like that.]
The thing about The Moth and the Flame is their command of the backbone of art rock with an eerie and atmospheric haunt which was thoroughly showcased on their heady 2011 self-titled debut release. Think something of a Radiohead/Pearl Jam lovechild, if you will. Originally from Provo, UT Brandon Robbins (vox, guitar), Mark Garbett (keys) and Andrew Tolman (drums) are now settled in Los Angeles and have tapped producer Joey Waronker (who has worked with the likes of Beck and Atoms For Peace) to flesh out their follow up EP due out October 29th. Here is a band who is seemingly much more interested in substance over style and that’s what makes them a band to keep your ear on.

Check these artists out and tell me what you think. You can always find me out there on the interwebz like on Twitter at @dharma69.