“Young & Unafraid” By The Moth & The Flame

The Who: The Moth & the Flame (Los Angeles, CA)

The What: While we wait for their second full length album (their first on Elektra Records) to materialize, let’s examine The Moth & the Flame’s brand new video for their brand new single, “Young & Unafraid.” Attitude: check. Determination: check. Failure not being an option: check. Defiant statement of purpose: check. Doing what you love: check. Offbeat band cameo: check. These elements, along with skating late bloomer Neal Unger on his skateboard, kick flips and bounce tricks, director Rebecca Thomas behind the camera, a song pushing an intrepid narrative and a little “La, la, la, we can’t hear you!” mentality all conspire to inspire greatness from the inside out, naysayers be damned. And as The Moth & the Flame, Brandon Robbins, Mark Garbett, Andrew Tolman and Michael Goldman seem to have a game plan for good music composed of above said elements. We think they’re onto something.

The Where: Fearlessly keep up with The Moth & the Flame via their official websiteFacebook and at @TheMothTheFlame on Twitter. And while you’re at it, learn a bit more about Neal Unger.