“Sepulveda Basin” By Liily

THE WHO: Liily (Los Angeles, CA)

THE WHAT: Due to Lilly’s 2018 releases, “Sold” and “Toro,” showing them to be an alt-rock band that punches with impressive authority, we got the feeling that youth may not be entirely wasted on the young even if the video for their latest single, “Sepulveda Basin,” reeks of lo-fi, time-killing, dudely aimlessness.

“This video is about a place we all spent a lot of time in when we were kids and bored out of our minds and looking for friends and something/anything to do.” shared the band, with that place of nostalgia being the San Fernando Valley. But don’t let the video fool you: a Lilly live show doesn’t resemble anything like this lowkey day-in-the-life. Just ask anyone who attended any of the four shows dates during their sold-out Brekfest festival at the Echo in January. We were there and the slam circles were real, but so were the urges to bust a move to a smoother groove in their musical arsenal like “Sepulveda Basin.”

You can find “Sepulveda Basin” on Lilly’s upcoming 6-song debut EP, I Can Fool Anybody In This Town, which is due out on 3/8 via Flush Records.

THE WHERE: During the month of February you can find Liily road tripping across the country on tour with the Glorious Sons so check out those tour dates HERE. And, of course, you can always keep up with Liily in all of the usual places such as their official website, Facebook page and at @Liilytheband on Twitter.