“Desperate Dance”‘ By In The Valley Below

The Who: In The Valley Below (Grand Rapids, MI)

The What: It’s in the valley of the mind’s eye where we can visualize, contemplate, remember and imagine what is, what was and what we want to be. So husband and wife duo Angela Gail and Jeffrey Jacob of In The Valley Below took to the desert of California’s Joshua Tree in order to visualize the vibrant technicolor living dream of “Desperate Dance” from their upcoming sophomore album, The Pink Chateau (out October 5th via Bright Antenna Records).

Photo: Jaimie Skriba

Since forming their band, becoming parents and ditching the beaches and palm trees of Los Angeles in favor of Gail’s home turf of Michigan, it’s easy to understand how the desires for family fulfillment and career fulfillment may come to compete with one another, but that is a scenario that applies to just about every human which is what makes the glossy synth-pop nugget that “Desperate Dance” is so darned relatable. And somewhere between the stoic musings in the dry desert heat and a baptism under the sun, they champion, “your chance is now to shake our feathers,”  because this life, indeed, can be a desperate dance.

The Where: You can keep up with and learn more about In The Valley Below via the usual places such as their official website, Facebook page and at @BookofITVB on Twitter.