5 Reasons To See Dreamers Live


On March 11th at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles, I got to experience the delight that comes with a Dreamers show for the third time. In that spirit, I thought that I should do my civic musical duty and share 5 Reasons To See Dreamers Live in case you’ve been snoozing on this band…

 1) Sweet and Nasty

This insanely talented musical trio has a nasty (read: amazing) habit of writing some ridiculously catchy songs without all the syrup and sugar that comes with your typical Top 40 fare. Don’t get me wrong, you will catch songs like “Painkiller” and “Drugs” on your favorite alternative radio station, but you won’t have to worry about balancing the sugar in your audio diet.

2) The Eye Candy

Yeah, I said it. Let’s be real, this is for your girlfriend who – even if she isn’t particularly musically inclined – will go see a band if they are pretty (we all have that one friend so don’t look at me that way). Rest assured that if the music is secondary there is the hair and strong features/jawline of drummer Jacob Lee Wick (who has an enthusiastic lady following), frontman/guitarist Nick Wold with his adorably curly mop of hair, charm, and pro-strumming skills and bassist/keys man Nelson with his sharp, angular stylized hair, dimples, and fierce rhythm section keeping skills to keep her otherwise occupied.

3) Craftiness

Are you a fan of making homemade fan things or being a little extra? This is a band for you to follow because you will fit right in with their hardcore fans. While there’s nothing like being the only person at a show to have made a fan shirt, fan art, or some other band doo-dad, that probably won’t be the case at a Dreamers show. Instead, you’ll find that you fit right in in a sea of artfully expressive, cosmic rock-loving creatives. Also, the fans are rather nice and welcoming so no worries about making friends and joining in on the fun.

4) Let’s Dance

Want to let loose and dance? Then Dreamers are the band to see. The first time I saw them at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas I knew one song from the radio and that was it: “Wolves (You Got Me).” But because they are so good at crafting solid songs, it didn’t matter that I didn’t know any others. Their ability to blend fun and uptempo dance melodies without the heavy use of electronics while throwing in some slightly dark lyrics equals having yourself a damn good time.

5) Albums Actually Exist

Dreamers have one full album (ironically titled This Album Does Not Exist) plus a handful of EPs that you can find on iTunes or your favorite streaming service to fill up your earholes with goodness and find a new favorite song. Once you’ve done that, going to a Dreamers show is a good excuse to hear that favorite song live. I get a little happy when they play “Wolves (You Got Me)” because I can dance, sing, and howl along with all the other Dreamers in the room.

So won’t you come and join us?

All photos by Amanda Bard


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