DREAMERS LAUNCH at Harvard & Stone

Harvard & Stone | Los Angeles, CA | July 12, 2018 |

“I’m going to enjoy the hell out of this moment: I invite you to do the same.” Nick Wold (DREAMERS)

Release Date: July 13, 2018

Thanks for the invitation Nick and, as a matter of fact, we absolutely did enjoy the hell out of ourselves.

Secret/invitation-only shows happen all of the time here in our City of Angels and last night it was no different as DREAMERS packed the East Hollywood dive bar/venue/craft cocktail purveyor Harvard & Stone for an intimate celebration of their new LAUNCH EP (out on Hollywood Records) freshly released today Friday, July 13th into the wild for your listening pleasure. Granted, LAUNCH may have been fueled by the end of a relationship, but it maintains their intelligent lyrical and cosmic musical energy that we’ve become so fond of while genre-smashing. And all without pulling any emotional punches. And in case you didn’t know, it is the first in an EP trilogy.

What went down last night was simple but special because as often as Nick Wold (vox/guitar), Nelson (bass/synths), and Jacob Wick have frequented Harvard & Stone, this was their first time performing on its stage. Unsurprisingly, the place was packed with friends and familiars and you couldn’t weave your way to the restroom without bumping – literally – into a fellow musician such as members of the Mowgli’s, Mainland, the Wrecks, label mates Rad Horror and Morgxn and even Matt Pinfield was in the room.

At 8:21 pm DREAMERS took the venue’s tiny stage and ran through the 4-song EP in sequence: the industrial-flavored “Screws,” everyone’s new personal and undercover funk theme song “Fake It Til You Make It,” “Black and White” and “Karma.” Now if “Black and White” sounded familiar that’s because, if you’ve been to a DREAMERS show in the past year then you probably heard them play it. Wold confirmed that the song is about two years old and, hey, now we finally have the sound and groove of relationship tug-of-war in recorded form. Also, during the set, Wold saw fit to sprinkle in a bit of gratitude commentary saying that every person there was someone that they knew and played a part in where the band is today.

Setlist staples “Painkiller” (which DREAMERS continue to do outstanding justice in the live) and “Sweet Disaster” with a chorus sing-a-long brought the show to a close. At 8:52 pm they were done, the sweaty band of brothers exited the stage and entered hanging out in a bar with a bunch of friends on a Thursday night-mode.


So, yes: it was short but it was sweet and we enjoyed the hell out of it. Easy highlights:

  • The pre- and post-show music: Highly approved and (not surprisingly) the band’s own playlist featuring songs by the Hunna, Rag n Bone Man, Imagine Dragons, MisterWives, Glass Animals, Night Riots and so many more great bands.
  • Open bar: ginger beer, FTW.

The evening felt comfortable and low-key celebratory (read: sans any industry bullshit) and now that DREAMERS have liftoff with LAUNCH, we highly recommend that you stay tuned for what comes next…


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