Hear The Many Shades Of Iyves On Chromatic

Photo: Adrianne Raquel

A breadcrumb trail of sensuous singles left by R&B songstress Iyves over the past four years has led to…Chromatic. 

The reemergence of Iyves began in March with the release of the emotionally empowering single, “Not Afraid To Fall,” with its deep currents of groove bracing her deeply felt and newfound embrace of the unknown. It’s the last track on her freshly released Chromatic EP which is a warm-blooded collection of songs covering the many shades and hues of feeling conveyed by her soulful alt-R&B siren and electronic production. According to Iyves, Chromatic is more than just a handful of songs: it’s intensely personal:

“Chromatic is a body of work I wrote alongside REFS (Zach Lipkins). I wrote this material over a time of heartache and despair which lead into a period of new found strength and relationship with myself. This EP sort of feels like a metamorphosis for me. The EP is truly meant to be listened to in the order it is placed so you can follow my experience and emotional evolution.

First track off the EP ‘Pressure’ is the breaking point, questioning if my relationship will go on. ‘Made to Last’ is one of the more vulnerable tracks on the EP for me. I recorded this track with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. I was in deep solitude and fear of going through life without my person by my side. The EP picks up as you listen on through the tracks, ‘Chromatic,’ the title track was written in a moment of stillness, reflection and a sense of newness. Arriving at the final track, ‘Not Afraid to Fall,’ my anthem track that I wrote months after my breakup. It was my statement that I have moved on, have moved forward with strength, I’m ready to take on whatever might come my way.”

Listen to Iyves’ Chromatic EP below.