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From SUR, With Love

I asked Zack Arnett to tell me a story…his story. “Over a year ago…in L.A., going through some shit, and kinda got stuck in a rut, and wasn’t feeling right. So, I needed to venture out and me and my boy went out, and traveled around different national parks, and wherever the fuck we could go, and parked this RV […]

#TourHappens With…The Soft White Sixties

“After many years together, the members of The Soft White Sixties have rarely sat still. They’ve lived much of their life in a 15-passenger van, traversing the country, whipping up new riffs, new rhythms, new lyrics and then, almost immediately, breaking them out onstage. For these hard-working musicians, it was simply a way of life. Seven years into their career, […]

Take 5 With…Braeves

Important world events are taking place on a daily basis, so let’s take a moment and acknowledge what we’re dealing with: The New York Yankees got denied in their quest for a 41st pennant and another trip to the World Series while the Los Angeles Dodgers (along with the Houston Astros) are heading to the dance. Yes it’s a random way […]

#TourHappens…With Lukas Nelson

“Well, it’s funny, ’cause my first experience of going on the road, truly, was when I was like an infant, you know.” Sometimes the past is so sensory, so formative that even in the second-hand telling it feels tangible to a listener. As the 28-year old progeny of Willie Nelson, Lukas Nelson has more than his share of history to […]

#TourHappens…With Mainland

It’s approaching that time of year again: the leaves will turn, the days will get shorter and concert calendars will become stacked with so many show that we’ll all wish we could clone ourselves in order to be at three venues simultaneously on any given night. The Fall tour season is upon us, folks. Come October, doing their part by […]

Tim Rozon

Wynonna Earp is the brainchild of comic creator Beau Smith. It’s a tale about the great-great-granddaughter of legendary lawman Wyatt Earp. Wyatt, back in his day, was cursed by Bulshar Clootie thus creating The Earp Curse, a curse that affects all of Wyatt’s descendants. Only the living Earp heir has a chance to resolve the curse by killing ALL of […]