#TourHappens…With Mainland

It’s approaching that time of year again: the leaves will turn, the days will get shorter and concert calendars will become stacked with so many show that we’ll all wish we could clone ourselves in order to be at three venues simultaneously on any given night. The Fall tour season is upon us, folks. Come October, doing their part by […]

Tim Rozon

Wynonna Earp is the brainchild of comic creator Beau Smith. It’s a tale about the great-great-granddaughter of legendary lawman Wyatt Earp. Wyatt, back in his day, was cursed by Bulshar Clootie thus creating The Earp Curse, a curse that affects all of Wyatt’s descendants. Only the living Earp heir has a chance to resolve the curse by killing ALL of […]

#TourHappens…With The Dig

Since 2010 David Baldwin (vox/guitar), Mark Demiglio (drums), Erick Eiser (keys/guitar) and Emile Mosseri (vox/bass) have been doing their thing as the New York City band The Dig and doing so with certain factors as constant running themes: keep the creative juices flowing, always writing new music, consistently releasing quality albums, and touring their asses off – which explains why […]

Music Is Metaphysical: Brennan Smiley (The Technicolors)

Where garage rock and Brit pop meet, that’s where you’ll find Brennan Smiley (vox/guitar), Troy Lowney (keys), Mike Nicolette (bass), and Sean Silverman (guitar) of Phoenix, AZ’s the Technicolors and their latest album, Metaphysical (released on 7/7), is their aesthetic in a nutshell: the 90s high-fiving the 70s in the 00s. With songs like “Fever Bomb” and “Congratulations, You’re A […]

Take 5 With…Jaymes Young

Jaymes Young has returned. Returned as a purveyor of warmly evocative alt pop with smooth, electro R&B edges and heady emotions on flagrant display with his debut full-length album, Feel Something, out on Please Rewind/Atlantic Records. Picking up where he left off after his 2014 Habits Of My Heart EP, this year finds Jaymes not only releasing new music but, once […]

Picture This

Picture this: Two young barely 20-something lads from Athy, Co. Kildare Ireland form a band in October 2015, book their debut live gig for early 2016, sell it out to the point that it needs to be moved to a larger venue (which also sells out), have a video recorded on an iPhone for their debut single “Take My Hand” […]

#TourHappens…With The Unlikely Candidates

Rock and roll is more than merely a sly euphemism of old for having sex or a type of music best played loudly: it is also a way of life and the way of life for The Unlikely Candidates. Straight outta Fort Worth, TX, Kyle Morris (vox), Cole Male (guitar), Brenton Carney (lead guitar), Jared Hornbeek (bass), and Kevin Goddard […]