PREMIERE: Arms Akimbo Keep It Real With “Virtual”

Twenty-first-century living is an amazing experience and most of us wouldn’t trade it for the world, but the fact is these days our realities are so virtual that they are more virtual than real.

If you need to take a moment in order to process that, go ahead, I’ll wait….

The last time that we heard from Los Angeles indie rockers, Arms Akimbo, they took slightly abstract aim at our obsession with social media in their song, “Devil.” But their newest single, “Virtual,” directs the mirror inward as Peter Schrupp (vox/guitar), Chris Kalil (guitar/vox), Colin Boppell (bass) and Matthew Sutton (drums) confront the very 21st-century habit of conversing through comment and keyboard instead of directly with one another.

“All my friends are virtual / But they miss me, anyway”

It’s an admission that Arms Akimbo frontman, Schrupp, freely makes saying, “We’re no exception to the rule. After a while, you just need to reconnect. After a while, you miss your friends. This song illustrates that desire to shake yourself (and the people around you) awake.”

“Virtual” boasts such an easy melody, groove, and plain speak about existing on the outskirts on one another’s real lives that the song feels like a friend and may even move you to reach out to one. In real life.

Speaking of in real life, Arms Akimbo along with King Shelter and Wild, perform tonight Friday, July 13th in Los Angeles at Teregram Ballroom.


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