Fear of Men: NOT fearing SXSW

I’m not a fan of large crowds… or sleeping on couches…or un-changed clothes… or unshavenness… which is why I am not with the High Voltage crew at SXSW right now… However, if I were, there are quite a few bands I’m a large fan of and who I would be more than psyched to check out… possibly none more than […]

Beca and the Popularly Surreal

Beca finds inspiration in things like surrealism.  She’s also quite a fan of both the R&B and Industrial of the 1990s.  She has been characterized as “A female Serge Gainsbourg produced by the RZA.”  She’s a bit of an enigma.  But, in a recent chat I had with the postmodern singer/songwriter, she described for me what most inspires her. “It’s […]

Eddi Front and the Appeal of Sexually Ambiguous Names

“I want to release some good, honest music, and become a pretty good pianist,” Eddi Front tells me when I ask her what she hopes for in 2013. However, those already familiar with her would likely argue that she’s already released some music that is both “good” and “honest,” and that she would seem to already be a “pretty good […]

Nerd Revolt: A Pleasant Transgression

When I recently caught up with the iLL.F.O., one half of Nerd Revolt, she was kicking off a weekend of cat-sitting and seemed equally excited to have a chance to talk to a human as she was to indulge in a weekend with a feline friend.  Nerd Revolt is the iLL.F.O. on vocals, synths, and programming and m.0 doing synths […]

Azita: Music NOT to Fit Your Hairdo

“It’s my goal to get away from anything to do with genre,” Azita tells me: “When I have a phrase of music I don’t want any identifiable thing where people think, it’s cool because, ‘It fits with my hairdo.’ A lot of people don’t necessarily listento music.  It’s like they want it to fit their scene.”  I recently got a […]

Sophie Auster, Finally on Her Own

“I feel like this is my first record.  I self-produced it… My first record was kind of a novelty,” explains Sophie Auster.  Sophie is the daughter of literary super-couple Paul Auster and Siri Hustvedt and, at 25, she’s been in some spotlight or other for the better part of her life.  She’s been acting since 1998, but seems to prefer […]

MoZella: Songwriter/Singer

The summer of 2012 is finding MoZella, Maureen Anne McDonald, as a bit of an accidental pop star.  The singer/songwriter, born and raised in Michigan, released her full-length debut, I Will, on Warner/Maverick in 2006 and her sophomore LP, Belle Isle, on Universal/Motown in 2009 and has toured alongside the likes of Tyler Hilton, Dave Matthews Band, and Lifehouse.  She’s also […]