Outlander: First Wife

Outlander: First Wife | Season 3, Episode 8 | Rating: 10.7/11 | Much can change in 20 years, and time isn’t always forgiving. First Wife brings about all the ugly truths that Claire & Jamie (and everyone in between) must face. It’s one hell of an emotional ride, tugging at the heartstrings every second of the way. You’ll find yourself […]

Riverdale: Chapter 17 – The Town That Dreaded Sundown

Riverdale: Chapter Seventeen: The Town That Dreaded Sundown | Season 2, Episode 4 | Rating: 9/11 | War has come to Riverdale. The tension that’s been brewing between the north and the south sides finally broke. It all started when the Southside High Serpents decided they needed Archie’s head on a platter since he was leading some neo-Nazi group. Archie […]

Lucifer: Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards

Lucifer: Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards | Season 3, Episode 5 | Rating: 8/11 | She’s baaaaaaack. Charlotte Richards has returned into the orbit of all our favorite folks and there’s definitely still some cleanup left to do after everything that went down on the beach during last season’s finale. Quick recap: Lucifer’s mom escaped Hell and took up residence in […]

Outlander: Créme De Menthe

Outlander: Créme De Menthe | Season 3, Episode 7 | Rating: 9.8/11 | Full of twists and turns, Créme De Menthe kept fans on the edge of their seats. The episode picks up where we left off, continuing Claire’s struggle with the unknown attacker who she nearly kills and then tries to rescue. Going against every request of her husband […]

Marvel’s Inhumans: The Gentleman’s Name Is Gorgon

Marvel’s Inhumans: The Gentleman’s Name Is Gorgon | Season 1, Episode 6 | Rating: 6/11 | I’m going to get this out of the way early so that I’m not a Negative Nancy during this review: they did Gorgon completely wrong this season. So far, each member of the royal family (besides Crystal) has gotten an episode to show their journey and flashbacks. Gorgon […]

Riverdale: Chapter 16 – The Watcher in the Woods

Riverdale: Chapter 16 – The Watcher in the Woods | Season 2, Episode 3 | Rating: 9/11 | SPOILERS AHEAD: Read at your own risk. Fear seems to be the flavor of the week over in Riverdale. It’s percolated throughout the town and trickled down to basically everyone except, possibly, Cheryl who seems wholly unaffected by a masked killer on the […]

Marvel’s Inhumans: Something Inhuman This Way Comes

Marvel’s Inhumans: Something Inhuman This Way Comes | Season 1, Episode 5 | Rating: 7/11 | Inhumans is ramping up the action this week and focusing on Karnak. Since he has been separated from the rest of the royal family, Karnak’s ability to analyze and predict the future has been faulty at best. For the first time, he’s experiencing doubt and he’s stumbled into a […]