The Hero

The Hero | Director: Brett Haley | Rating: 8/10 | The theme and plot of The Hero isn’t exactly a new one – numerous films have focused on actors coming to terms with their age and morality – but director Brett Haley’s take on the subject is a bit different due to how Sam Elliott carries the film with a […]

The Lost City of Z

The Lost City of Z | Director: James Gray | Rating: 10/11 Set in both Europe and South America in the early 1900s, The Lost City of Z is a magnificent film that speaks to Gray’s genius as a director. Often forgotten, Gray has made numerous brilliant films (a stand out includes The Immigrant), but he truly outdoes himself with The Lost City of Z, an adventure, war, and […]

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast | Director: Bill Condon | Rating: 11/11| When you’re a Disney fan for life it’s rather hard, and yet also rather easy, to find fault in their films. However, claiming that a new Disney film may beat out a lifetime favorite as your new number one is a bold claim… and one I’m willing to make when it […]


BRÅVES | BRÅVES | Rating: 8/11 Within the span of a year, a year of BRÅVES repeatedly dropping obscure breadcrumb trails of sound that varied between minimalism and lushly sensual exercises in electronic sound design (the BRÅVES EP II and III EP in 2016), what we’ve been dealing with is a mystery trio with top line musical game for days who […]

Modern Primitive By The Kin

The Kin | Modern Primitive | Rating: 8/11 The strength of brothers Isaac and Thorald Koren and Mark “Shakerleg” Nicosia’s brand of alt-rock as The Kin has always come from a place of bracing openness; a kind of lyrically bleeding through one’s emotional walls much the same way that Nicosia would bleed through the tape on his hands during a […]

Roadhouse 01 By Allan Rayman

Allan Rayman | February 24, 2017 | Rating: 9/11 “I am the wolf / I walk alone” In those words lie, for the curious and the uninitiated, the crux of the Allan Rayman narrative and begs that we forgo individual song dissection or a bullet point list of the worth of Roadhouse 01’s 13 songs: it deserves better than being […]

Feel Your Feelings Fool! By The Regrettes

The Regrettes | January 13, 2017 | Rating: 8.5/11 | By today’s musical (let alone by traditional punk rock) standards, at 46 minutes The Regrettes’ debut Feel Your Feelings Fool! is a long ass record but that’s probably because the teenage, not yet legal-to-drink Los Angeles quartet had a lot of shit to say with zero urge to bite their collective tongues: […]