Freddie’s Ready: Here’s The New Official Trailer For Bohemian Rhapsody

Fearless lives forever.   The two-minute official trailer for Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody gives us an extended taste and feel for what is in store for the viewer watching the legendary band’s meteoric ascent to superstardom, Mercury facing an AIDS diagnosis, and the band giving – inarguably – one of the single greatest performances in the history of rock and […]

HEAR THIS: The Beauty Of Sisterhood And The “Dawn” Of VON GREY

If you allow anything to (pleasantly) distract or relieve the cacophonous noise and discord in your day, let it be the latest gem from the trio VON GREY: “Dawn.” Now calling “Dawn” a delicate stunner would be an understatement but it’s also a bit deceptive because Annika, Fiona, and Kathryn Von Grey weave their sister voices and musicianship into a fine and vulnerable […]

Let Freedom Ring With Dorothy

Hotter than July. Yes, that is the title of legend Stevie Wonder’s iconic 19th studio album but it is also an accurate descriptor for the second leg of rock and roll powerhouse Dorothy’s Freedom Tour. When Dorothy Martin appeared on the Los Angeles music scene in 2014, she seemingly did so out of nowhere but that voice definitely comes from somewhere. […]

Arroyo Seco Weekend, Day 2: A Whole Lotta Feel Good

As with Saturday, Day 2 of Arroyo Seco Weekend packed a whole lotta feel good for folks to revel in. At 1pm sharp Seattle neo-soulster Allen Stone got the party started, shook his hips, split his pants, crooned how easily he can sunburn (sounded like a hit song to me) and provided a perfect lift off to another gorgeous day […]

Arroyo Seco Weekend, Day 1: A Good and Plenty and Young Saturday

There are many ways to describe the 2-day event that took place on the Brookside golf course in Pasadena. One way is its given name, Arroyo Seco Weekend. Another way is – despite the presence of flower crowns (for sale at $15) – the antithesis of fellow Goldenvoice fest, Coachella, due to its easy, breezy, relaxed and extremely family friendly […]

Swerve, Swagger, Sweat: The Unlikely Candidates

Since the end of March Kyle Morris (vox), Brent Carney (lead guitar), Cole Male (guitar), Jared Hornbeek (bass) and Kevin Goddard (drums) who make up the Texas quintet, the Unlikely Candidates, took their theatrically unruly rock and roll stylings on the road with the New Jersey duo Brick + Mortar. And anyone who has seen the Unlikely Candidates live knows that one of the realest aspects of the show […]

Happy 7th Anniversary To Badass Bands & Jolynn Braswell

It’s that time of year again… On June 29th Badass Bands celebrates its 7thanniversary as one of the Los Angeles music scene’s fiercest champions and the party happens at the Hi Hat in Highland Park featuring LA locals EasyFriend, YIP YOPS, and VOWWS. It’s a celebration of music, of friends and the awesome that is Badass Bands. Being a musician or […]