Music On, World Off: Safe Space Of Sound

It is a painfully easy admission that the past couple of weeks have been uniquely challenging in ways that no one saw coming. Even the positive of the midterm election results feels tempered by the pipe bombs and gun violence that came before and after, so if there’s anything in particular (a devotion, person, food, puppy, etc.) that helps ease […]

Music On, World Off: The Silent (But Timely) Comedy

“This album is a collection of anthems for dark times,” says Joshua Zimmerman. “Given the state of society today, we feel this is a perfect time to release Enemies Multiply.” Zimmerman, his brother Jeremiah, Chad Lee and Justin Buchanan are the Silent Comedy and on Friday, October 19th their long suffered and awaited third album will be released into the […]

A Not So “Bad Twin” & Living That SLUGS Life At The Echo

Marrisa Longstreet calls “Bad Twin” – SLUGS’ very first single – an “incorrect label” and one that adds to the song’s already present tension. “‘Bad’ vs ‘misunderstood’ is a common theme on the EP.” Longstreet added. Composed of Longstreet (vox/guitar), Sarsten Noice (bass/vox), Josh Beavers (guitar), and Dash Hutton (drums) the Los Angeles quartet are currently smack dab in the […]

Echo Park Rising 2018: All Scene Eye/ROVE Showcase

Another year, another Echo Park Rising! Now in its 8th year, Echo Park Rising which runs from Thursday, August 16th to Sunday, August 19th continues to be THE local-centric Los Angeles summer festival (for the low, low price of FREE) due to its pointed focus on local musicians, small businesses, creativity, and diversity in Echo Park. Throughout the four days […]

Portugal. The Man Are Coming For You, Los Angeles: You’re Welcome

It only took about 14 years for Wasilla, Alaska’s Portugal. The Man to become the badass overnight music sensations that they are but, in the end, it works out for the best for all involved. No, really, it does. In November of 2017, I stood backstage at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles and watched Portugal. The Man take […]

MUSIC ON, WORLD OFF: I Love L.A. Edition

So…apparently someone’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star got jacked up? Yep. Am I fond of the violence? Absolutely not, but I do approve of the sentiment behind it. We’ll just leave that right there because it’s time to get all playlist-y, MUSIC ON, WORLD OFF-style. Now here’s the part of the program where I – via my Spotify playlist – pimp 13 […]

VON GREY’s Roots Shine On In Bloom

The sisters VON GREY (Annika, Kathryn, and Fiona) have released In Bloom: Acoustic – a body of work that may very well become a defining measure in their career. The EP is six of VON GREY’s folk-pop songs, not simply re-recorded acoustically, but reimagined to capture and release the painful beauty in living, loving, growing, hurting and healing. Earlier this […]