Warbly Jets Dial It In At The Roxy

The Roxy | Los Angeles, CA | June 13, 2019 | Photos: ZB Images | The last time Los Angeles retro rockers Warbly Jets played a hometown show it was at the Echo in January where frontman Samuel Shea was a wee bit under the weather but taking a cue from the fifth track on their 2017 self-titled debut album, […]

Warbly Jets (The Moroccan Lounge)

The Moroccan Lounge | Los Angeles, CA | October 19, 2017 | Photo Credit: ZB Images |   These days album release shows are a dime a dozen, so what do you need to know about what went down with LA’s Warbly Jets album release show at the still shiny and new Moroccan Lounge? That Sam Shea (vox/guitar), Julien O’neill (keys), Dan […]

Warbly Jets By Warbly Jets

Warbly Jets | Warbly Jets | Rating: 8.1/11 To be clear, the Los Angeles four piece Warbly Jets do not – in any way – warble, but there is something to the jets portion of the program: Samuel Shea (vox/guitar), Julien O’neill (keys), Justin Goings (drums) and Dan Gerbang (bass) come bearing propulsive grooves and an urgency bearing equal parts […]

Warbly Jets & King Shelter (The Roxy)

The Roxy | Los Angeles, CA | July 26, 2017 | Photo Credit: ZB Images  All guitar loud, shiny synths and driving rhythm, the New York City-made, Los Angeles-based and Brit rock-tinged sound of Warbly Jets hit the the Roxy stage to kick off their summer tour. The day also marked the release of their latest single, “4th Coming Bomb” […]

Friendly Bear, ModPods & The Electric West (The Satellite)

The Satellite | Los Angeles, CA | January, 11, 2018| Words & Photos: ZB Images |   It’s not uncommon to want to be at more than one show on any given night when living in Los Angeles and that was definitely the case last Friday night. Warbly Jets at the Echo…ModPods at the Satellite – so many local bands to see, so […]

Music On World Off: Rad Masters

Welcome to the first Music Monday of 2019, lovelies! What’s good? Well, since you asked… Let’s get into a shiny, new and updated MUSIC ON, WORLD OFF Spotify playlist because I’m unsure who’s brainiac idea it’s been to get all remix-y on Bob Dylan of late, but the latest incarnation is the “Masters of War – SherGun Remix” and damned if […]

MUSIC ON, WORLD OFF: #SaveLucifer Edition

The devil that you know is infinitely better than the one you don’t and that’s just one reason why I was invested in the FOX fantasy drama, Lucifer, starring Tom Ellis as everyone’s favorite hedonistic club-owning desire hound, Lucifer Morningstar, recently relocated to Los Angeles (the City of Angels, of course) due to boredom with his official duties as the Angel of Hell (aka the […]