Music On World Off: Rad Masters

Welcome to the first Music Monday of 2019, lovelies! What’s good? Well, since you asked…

Let’s get into a shiny, new and updated MUSIC ON, WORLD OFF Spotify playlist because I’m unsure who’s brainiac idea it’s been to get all remix-y on Bob Dylan of late, but the latest incarnation is the “Masters of War – SherGun Remix” and damned if the treatment given doesn’t elevate the song’s already present sense of ominous to theatrical levels and quite tastefully. Well played.

Having a band/artist-related tattoo does not mean that I automatically stan on everything that said band/artist releases or does, but Matthew Brue and David Butler of Missio have yet to crank out a song that doesn’t speak to me. See their new single (and quite the banger), “Rad Drugz,” for further and in the listening, give a thought to where the song is coming from because it comes with something of a mission statement:


Thoroughly here for it.

Now all the way from Glasgow, brothers Stevie and Al Jukes who are Saint PHNX follow up their song/video “Deadmen” with its darker companion piece, “Death of Me.” A visual aide:

And on the Los Angeles local side of things (you know that I love my local homies), here’s what’s up:

If you didn’t know, now you do: in December Lauren Ruth Ward showed her love for the Lizard King himself aka Jim Morrison with an EP of The Doors covers called Happy Birthday Jim. It’s no secret that we in LA “Love Her Madly” (see what I did there? ). A little space-fuzz rock comes by way of Warbly Jets spreading their “Propaganda”: apropos of the times, yes? Plus, get familiar with Peter Verdell’s new project Forever X2 and “Think About It.”

Yes, there’s more so I will leave it all right here for your utter convenience, my friends. So press “PLAY” and MUSIC ON, WORLD OFF.


Featured photo: Missio