Modern Day Rock Relevance With Badflower

When you think about it, historically, music has always had a societal function other than being mere entertainment: troubadours of the middle ages sang songs to tell stories, spread news, and pass down lore, spirituals were sung by African American slaves to reinforce Christian values and vocalize the hardships of slavery, and the 1960s were ripe with protest songs about […]

On The Rise: Badflower

“When we first started…we had this idea that if you play The Whiskey A Go Go, and you play in front of how ever many people are there at the time, and you’re good, you are just going to be famous, because that’s where all the best people played. I remember that was the very first show that we did, […]

Music On, World Off: ‘Sup Dead Sara?

Look at them. Siouxsie Medley, Emily Armstrong and Sean Friday. Just look at them: Are they or are they not cute as fuck? Yeah, they are. ‘Sup, Dead Sara? When you dig into this week’s edition of my MUSIC ON, WORLD OFF Spotify playlist you’ll find that one of my absolute FAVORITE bands, Los Angeles rockers Dead Sara, make up 30.769% […]

Goodbye June

“I’m Landon Milbourn. Lead vocalist, star extraordinaire.” “This is Tyler. Tyler Baker. The real star vocal. I play guitar.” “Brandon Qualkenbush. Guitar. I’m celebrating 04/20 in full effect right now.” And that is how our conversation began. Oh, Goodbye June, what are we going to do with you? Let’s put that question into proper (and G-rated) perspective: The Nashville trio […]

10 Artists To Watch In 2017

This is the part of the program where I do that end-of-the-year thing and get all predictive, hence my annual 10 Artists To Watch, version 2017. These days there’s no such thing as a sure bet but, where these artists are concerned, the odds are looking pretty sweet. The folks below are either fresh faces who have displayed a boatload of promise or […]

Hear This: New Music Friday 10/21/16

In the realm of live music, the past week has been flush with high quality sounds from equally high quality bands. New York’s The Dig made their way back to Los Angeles to play at Resident where it was fine melody and harmony business as usual with their artful, semi-post punk take on indie rock and, yes, that is their […]