Nothing But Thieves & Missio (El Rey Theatre)

El Rey Theatre | Los Angeles, CA | October 12, 2017 | Photo Credit: Emery Becker | An hour and a half prior to the El Rey’s doors opening and the line for this Nothing But Thieves/Missio combo was already winding around the Wilshire Blvd. corner. Of course, this didn’t surprise us because we knew what we were dealing with: two […]

Missio (Gramercy Theatre)

Gramercy Theatre | New York, NY | April, 10 2017 | Words & Photos: Cortney Armitage Waving middle fingers in celebration under the full moon, Austin, TX’s Missio delighted fans at Gramercy Theater in New York City. Their song, “Middle Fingers,” just hit number one on Alt Nation’s Top 18 and what better way to celebrate than by sharing the moment with a room full […]

Into The Light With Missio

On an early evening in March, David Butler and Matthew Brue were prepping for a private, intimate show in the Fairfax Village area of Los Angeles. The performance space was as warm as the day (climate change, kids) but one assumes that a band based in Austin, TX would be used to such things. At the end of the evening, […]

Jon Stewart: Mission Accomplished

As evidenced by yesterday’s subtle bombshell, every 17 year era must come to an end. At some point during the year The Daily Show (with Jon Stewart) throne will be abdicated and who knows the identity of his worthy/unworthy/who the hell are you successor. Right now, NBC’s Brian Williams is looking like a sweet candidate but all of that is […]

Top 10 Reasons Why The Music Industry Won’t Listen To Your Band’s Submission

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a very old High Voltage post that never made it onto the old website. It was part of an educational humor series we started on Facebook. While the advice expressed should be taken to heart, we still hope you find the post amusing. This is all based on true incidents. The one thing that separates High […]

Man With A Mission

We caught up with these talented canines before their show last December at The Roxy in Hollywood. To our surprise, Sid Wilson from Slipknot was also hanging out backstage… HV: First of all, thank you for meeting with us. Jean-Ken Johnny: No, not at all. HV: Please introduce yourself and the band. JKJ: I am a member of Man with a […]

Permission To Land by The Darkness

The Darkness | Permission To Land | Rating: 9/11 | Reviewed by: Melissa Lozano | No joke, The Darkness is the kind of band you hear a lot about so you purchase Permission to Land, the British band’s debut album, in order to form your own conclusion. After the first forty-five seconds you’re not sure whether to laugh or give a pair of devil horns. Well, my […]