Album Of The Week: “Heart-Shaped Hell” By 8mm

Release Date: February 22, 2019

WHO: 8mm

WHAT: Heart-Shaped Hell

WHY: What your icy hot, undercover black heart sounds like.

It’s never not been appropriate (dig the double negative) for musical and real-life duo Sean and Juliette Beavan to operate under the name of 8mm: the cinematic and noir-ish nature of their sonic rock doings has been their collective signature and why their music keeps landing on screens, big and small, from the Underworld: Awakening soundtrack to Grey’s Anatomy.

The same fate could very easily befall songs on their new EP, Heart-Shaped Hell (out via ChelseaGirl Records). After the fierce industrial and desert rock flow on their last album Between the Devil and Two Black Hearts (and if you don’t know, you really should know) Heart-Shaped Hell burns a bit cooler for effect: that effect being the indelible imprint of their edged-up fusion of electronic rock and trip-hop.

Sean Beavan’s producer/multi-instrumentalist/engineer bones thoroughly your shift gears and your headspace from the femme fatale-listic “Self-Inflicted Heartache” and the buzzing guitars on electro-banger lead single “Supercrush” to moodier shades of ice blue like “Bring It On” and “Move With Me” where Juliette Beavan does that thing that she does where she vocally seduces, haunts, and achingly extracts an ounce or two of flesh.

While that may sound a little eerie that’s actually the beauty of it, particularly because the songs sound more like atmospheric compositions of sound. So if you’re in Los Angeles on Wednesday, February 27th you can experience Heart-Shaped Hell in its entirety at 8mm’s EP release show as Soundcheck Live presents 8mm’s EP release show at Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood.