Punk Life: Katatonic @ Timewarp Records

Timewarp Records | Los Angeles, CA | March 2, 2019 | Photos & Words: ZB Images | I love small shows. For those attracted to a more DIY music mentality, Los Angeles has always had a punk rock pulse that can be found if you know where to look. House parties, record stores, and warehouse secret shows for those in […]

Peter Murphy’s The Ruby Tour At The Novo, Los Angeles

The Novo, DTLA | Los Angeles, CA | February 28, 2019 | Photos & Words: ZB Images | Forty years ago music was changed: Punk had roughed up rock ‘n roll and Peter Murphy with his band, Bauhaus, were about to smooth out the edges and coat it in midnight. The Ruby Tour with Murphy’s original Bauhaus bassist David J. celebrates […]

Heavy As Stonefield @ Zebulon

Zebulon | Los Angeles, CA | February 7, 2019 | Photos & Words: ZB Images | The Findlay sisters of Stonefield (Amy, Sarah, Hanna, and Holly) survived the polar vortex and received a warm welcome back to Los Angeles and to a packed house on Thursday night at the Highland Park venue, Zebulon. It was the last show of Stonefield’s tour […]

Friendly Bear, ModPods & The Electric West (The Satellite)

The Satellite | Los Angeles, CA | January, 11, 2018| Words & Photos: ZB Images |   It’s not uncommon to want to be at more than one show on any given night when living in Los Angeles and that was definitely the case last Friday night. Warbly Jets at the Echo…ModPods at the Satellite – so many local bands to see, so […]

Acid Tongue (Bootleg Theater)

Bootleg Theater | Los Angeles, CA | January, 8, 2018| Words & Photos: ZB Images | Psych/pop rockers Acid Tongue opened their new year with a show at the Bootleg with the Blank Tapes and Danny Dodge. Seattle’s (now Los Angeles’) Acid Tongue has had a few different lineups over the years, but at their core is Guy Keltner on guitar lead […]

Yip Yops (The Satellite)

The Satellite | Los Angeles, CA | December, 17, 2018| Photos: ZB Images |   We are going to keep this simple even though, musically, Yip Yops are far from it: something deliciously synthy, poppy, punky, and New Wave-wicked this way has come in the form of Ison Van Winkle (vox/guitar), Ross Murakami (drums), Jacob Gutierrez (bass) and Mari Brossfield […]

Shakey Graves & KOLARS at The Wiltern

The Wiltern | Los Angeles, CA | December 4, 2018 | Photos: ZB Images | Alejandro Rose-Garcia is a music-maker of a unique kind. As Shakey Graves he has always trafficed in a warm form of Americana and country-laced rock, thick with consciousness and wit and – unsurprisingly – Los Angeles was there for it and for him at the […]