Punk Life: Katatonic @ Timewarp Records

Timewarp Records | Los Angeles, CA | March 2, 2019 | Photos & Words: ZB Images |

I love small shows.

For those attracted to a more DIY music mentality, Los Angeles has always had a punk rock pulse that can be found if you know where to look. House parties, record stores, and warehouse secret shows for those in the know are the places to inject yourself into the youthful lifeblood of LA.

Timewarp Records hosted such an event on Saturday produced by Sergio Candelario of Devour Records with his band Katatonic. The band released a tsunami of energy into the crowd from the first screams of 70s art school styled frontwoman, Natalie Martin. Katatonic straddles the line between old-school punk (Candelario’s forte) and heavy guitar rock buttressed by ex-Katellas rockers Brian Melendez (who wrangles his wild guitar as much as he plays it) and Giuliano Scarfo who has been smashing drums lately in a few projects including a revival of the Dils with Melendez and original member and punk legend Chip Kinman.

Katatonic is far from what their name would imply and they stirred the audience packed between the vinyl into a frenzy of feel good aggression and wholehearted participation. It was a healthy dose of punk rock that let everyone know that the LA music scene is alive and kicking.