Beca and the Popularly Surreal

Beca finds inspiration in things like surrealism.  She’s also quite a fan of both the R&B and Industrial of the 1990s.  She has been characterized as “A female Serge Gainsbourg produced by the RZA.”  She’s a bit of an enigma.  But, in a recent chat I had with the postmodern singer/songwriter, she described for me what most inspires her.

“It’s hard to narrow it down but I’d have to say Arthur Rimbaud, Salvador Dali, Trent Reznor, The Cure, Debussy, Aaliyah, Michael Jackson, and Deee-lite are up there. If I had it my way, I’d be going on tour with Madison and Soso (my biggest girl musician crushes). Contemporary choreographers such as Stephen Petronio and Thang Dao always inspire me.  Provocative body movements, tutus, innovative music, and fashion all combined into one visceral experience. I was obviously a dancer in my past life.”

Although she’s still relatively new to the scene, the electro diva had quite a busy year last year with her first two EPs, “Let’s Run Wild” and “Born to Fly”: “I have to say that 2012 was my best year yet. I released 2 EP’s under UK label This Is Music Ltd (Little Boots, Charli XCX) and played at venues I’ve always dreamed of playing.”  I asked her how she would characterize her sound, although she’s admirably hesitant to do so: “Recently my music has been described as ‘trance-like pop’ (by Lucky Magazine) and ‘wispy, ethereal electro pop’ (by Stereogum). Personally, I’d like to think my music eludes description, but I’m open to suggestions.”
Included on the EPs are a number of remixes by notable names, such as Ashley Beedle, Klic, and Madeaux, although Beca tells me that she’s hoping for a lot of additional collaborations in the future:  “I have many fantasies, including working with DJ Shadow, Aphex Twin, Royksopp, Clams Casino, Lemonade, Azari & III, Machinedrum, Penguin Prison, Sun Glitters, and Breakbot…..just to name a few.”  And apparently some of this, among numerous other ventures, are already in the works for 2013: “I’m finishing a full-length album with producer Morgan Wiley (Midnight Magic) and drummer Xack Xweig. Also, I’m planning a summer tour and am hoping to collaborate with some of the producers/remixers on my list. Nothing’s been confirmed yet, but it’s all in the works!”