“Too Late” By Minke

THE WHO: Minke THE WHAT: When British singer/songwriter, Minke, released her debut EP, The Tearoom, in March, she gave us a fuller taste of the burgeoning artist’s flair for blues flavored pop in a neat little package where she – lyrically – spilled the ‘tea’ on bits of her life. Her new video, “Too Late,” directed by Aisha Tyler (yes, that […]

X Ambassadors Raise The Roof At The Grove

The Grove | Los Angeles, CA | August 1, 2018 | Photos: ZB Images |   I admit that the lede may be extremely misleading since – as a venue – the Grove in Los Angeles is an outdoor space sans a roof, but I’m guessing that you get the inference: On a balmy summer evening, the Ithaca, New York band X […]

Music On, World Off: It’s Ellen DeGeneres’ Birthday!

Newsflash: Ellen DeGeneres is 60 fricking years old today. What. The. Hell. Just riffing off the top of my head here, but perhaps a sense of humor, kindness, smiling, an open heart, humility and some swanky dance moves are the secret sauce because how the hell else can Ellen look this fine at 60??? Happy day of life to you, […]

A High Voltage Year In Photos: 2016

2016. The year too many iconic artists left this earth and “Grab ’em by the p*ssy.” ingrained itself into America’s vernacular. A more universally difficult year, we cannot recall but throughout the past 12 long months, live music and those who live it were there for our relief and our release and to be captured…by the camera. Selecting only 10 […]

“Collider” By X Ambassadors & Tom Morello

The Who: X Ambassadors & Tom Morello The What: Tom Morello has always been a multi-tasker, so between his new record label, working on a new solo album and raising the roof and the collective consciousness with Prophets of Rage, after leaving the note, “Here is the Valhalla-rising riff monster I did with X-Ambassadors,” on his Instagram,  here we are. Teaming up […]

“Unsteady” By X Ambassadors

The Who: X Ambassadors (Ithaca, NY) The What: Sometimes you just have to go there and that’s exactly what X Ambassadors’ frontman, Sam Harris, did when fleshing out the lyrics for the painful beauty of the song “Unsteady.” Along with Sam’s brother, Casey Harris, and longtime friends Noah Feldshuh and Adam Levin, “Unsteady” gives a wounded son’s voice to the very real […]

Dirty Glitter 2013 In Review #8: The Last Internationale, X Ambassadors & Daley

Radio check 1, 2, 3! What we have here is a Spring of 2013 segment for your recollection. This collaboration between High Voltage and Dirty Glitter with Brody Ramone on WGBU-FM every Thursday night at 8pm PST/11pm EST has yielded some pretty sweet musical fruit not the least of which comes from the three talents in this 8th edition of Dirty Glitter 2013 In Review. Dirty […]