“Unsteady” By X Ambassadors

The Who: X Ambassadors (Ithaca, NY)

The What: Sometimes you just have to go there and that’s exactly what X Ambassadors’ frontman, Sam Harris, did when fleshing out the lyrics for the painful beauty of the song “Unsteady.” Along with Sam’s brother, Casey Harris, and longtime friends Noah Feldshuh and Adam Levin, “Unsteady” gives a wounded son’s voice to the very real subject of the divorce of Sam and Casey’s parents. As the video trips back and forth between a couple’s past, their present and what seems to be the root of their dysfunction, the loving yet blunt force of the lyrics make it hard not to feel their reality.

What’s real isn’t always pretty, but it does tend to make for pretty damned good art, especially the musical kind. So hold on.

The Where: X Ambassadors released their debut full length album, VHS, in June. They’ve hit the road for a Fall North American tour (don’t worry Europe; they’ve got a few dates with you, as well), so keep track of them via their official website, on Facebook or at @XAmbassadors on Twitter.