Album Of The Week: Peach Club By Emarosa

WHO: Emarosa WHAT: Peach Club (Hopeless Records) WHY: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a situation: Emarosa is dead. Here’s the thing: if you are an Emarosa fan, listened to 131 (their last album) and didn’t see this coming even a little bit, the general concensus is that you were not paying attention. I mean, come on: “Helpless,” anyone? The only […]

“Cautious” By Emarosa

Picture it: November, 2018 and Kentucky rockers, Emarosa, re-emerge with a new record on the way and an unexpected, but hardly unwelcomed, sonic freshness that catches some a little off-guard. Because with that horn-laced first single, “Givin’ Up,” from their new album, Peach Club (out 2/8 via Hopeless Records) and its 80s Duran Duran-esque album art motif, one thing was clear: […]

Emarosa: The Year Of 131

It was November 15, 2016 and while we were upstairs in the green room of The Echo in Los Angeles, below us the room had quickly filled up with anticipating bodies. Amongst us there was talk of electoral colleges, the fanciful idea of California, Oregon and Washington annexing with Canada as well as incorporating fire dancers, carnivals, orchestras and a […]

Emarosa (The Echo)

The Echo | Los Angeles, CA | November 15, 2016 | Photo Credit: Zb Images | Prior to flexing their musical muscle all over the occupants of the Echo in Los Angeles, I sat down with Emarosa for a quick interview. In no way, shape or form did the calm energy and thoughtful dialogue among Bradley Scott Walden, ER White, […]

Let Freedom (And Music) Ring

Here in America, this Friday, January 11th is Day 21 of government gridlock fuckery care of the Toddler-In-Chief and we congratulate him for being such a superb and shiny example of American Anti-Exceptionalism. Sir, we salute you…with a very specific appendage. It’s also a day when a ton of new music enters the stratosphere, and with so much to choose […]

A High Voltage Year In Photos: 2016

2016. The year too many iconic artists left this earth and “Grab ’em by the p*ssy.” ingrained itself into America’s vernacular. A more universally difficult year, we cannot recall but throughout the past 12 long months, live music and those who live it were there for our relief and our release and to be captured…by the camera. Selecting only 10 […]