MUSIC ON, WORLD OFF: I Love L.A. Edition

So…apparently someone’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star got jacked up? Yep. Am I fond of the violence? Absolutely not, but I do approve of the sentiment behind it.

We’ll just leave that right there because it’s time to get all playlist-y, MUSIC ON, WORLD OFF-style.

Now here’s the part of the program where I – via my Spotify playlist – pimp 13 songs that have caught my ear. While it’s no longer 105 degrees here in Los Angeles, the music created by many of its inhabitants is still hot so I’m repping a number of local (and non-local) lovelies this week. I kinda love this city.

As a native New Yorker, I never thought those words would be mine. Wow. Moving on…

LA lovelies such as In The Valley Below who have our current Video Of The Week with “Desperate Dance” and a new album on the way, plus “Undo” by Transviolet. There’s Dead Posey whose dark and fuzzy, stomping rock “Boogeyman” was sharply placed in this week’s episode of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger and soulful guitar slinger Patrick Droney’s “Always Been the End of the World” (ain’t that the truth?). Matt Nathanson may not be local but he’s a stellar songwriter, so check him reminiscing about how things “Used To Be” plus “Wicked Lies” by Nashville’s Elliot Root which is…yum.

Also, there’s a particular group of wonder-women in my playlist: See the smooth of “Under The Moon” from Wolf Bay (Dean Passarella’s new project), Emma Cole getting “Shot Down,” and “Lone Wolf” by Georgi Kay.

What’s so particular about these ladies is not only do they have recent releases, but they (along with Vavá and Michelle Young & the Collection) are also playing a show together on Sunday, July 29th at the Moroccan Lounge here in LA and for a cause. It’s Wolf Bay’s single release party plus a fundraiser for The Trevor Project: an organization all about providing crisis intervention/suicide prevention to LGBTQ youth. Bravo, ladies.

So the goal is always to give you a #NewMusicFriday (or #MusicMonday) that offers a bit more than the overly-promoted (looking at you Drake and, no, I am NOT a fan) and dig a little deeper to find some potential gems. So with that in mind, cue up some tunes, rock your day, and turn the MUSIC ON, WORLD OFF.