Music On, World Off: And The Award Goes To…

…a bunch of people. Honestly, I don’t care about the Oscars. No, seriously, but there are folks worth a nod like Gary Oldman: Best Actor for Darkest Hour.

Frances McDormand @ 90th Academy Awards

And Jordan Peele: Best Original Screenplay for Get Out.

And Sam Rockwell: Best Supporting Actor for Three Billboards Outside Edding, Missouri.

And Frances McDormand: Best Actress for Three Billboards Outside Edding, Missouri who – in addition to being a brilliant actor – turned the world upside down and sent Google searches for “inclusion rider” through the internet roof after she shouted it out during her acceptance speech. In a nutshell, it’s a contractual stipulation calling for gender and/or race equity in a project’s cast and/or crew and she just gave folks the power to make shit happen. Consider the artistic world put on notice.

Now what I do care about is this fresh batch of 13 songs added to my Music On, World Off Spotify playlist. What songs? Well, since you asked….

THE Mr. Andrew W.K. that we all know and love is back with an unflaggingly buoyant, conscious, and party-affirming new album, You’re Not Alone, from which comes what feels like the theme song of my life: “I Don’t Know Anything.” Enroute to an EP due later this year, SUR has dropped the warm-blooded and welcoming “Styx + Stones” while DYLYN is a bit less so, describing her latest song, “Wolf,” as “a direct reflection of how I felt about men post-breakup.” Proceed with caution, guys.

It’s been a minute between musical outputs for our local loves, The Filthy Souls, but what a pleasant surprise to find the new album, Villian of the Street, released into the wild last week. Best thing? Finally, a recorded “California Save Me” that we can listen to as often as we like! We also have Austin, TX musical madman Lincoln Durham (who gives great interview) has “Heaven” on the brain, the Shelters “Really Wanted You,” and Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats just “Coolin’ Out.”

State To State, the Kents, Lo Moon and – yes – there’s more, so your mission is to dig in and (hopefully) enjoy the sounds. And if you haven’t done so already, give my Music On, World Off a proper follow so that you never miss an update.

Til next time, lovelies…