MUSIC ON, WORLD OFF: Thoughts Of The Random Kind

Random thoughts…

The Emmys happened last night: shows and people won, other shows and other people lost. Not really sure about the details but, if you really care, go HERE.

You know that we’ve entered a brave and weird as fuck new world when Insane Clown Posse Juggalos outnumber pro-Trump supporters when both decide to march on Washington, DC.

Moving the goal post on the annual pumpkin spice nonsense is just…ughh. Please stop. And the worst offenders are…

Filming of Season 2 of Marvel’s Jessica Jones is a wrap: chances are that it will be the first Marvel television show to air a new season in 2018. Stay tuned.

Other than that, Orange Foolius is still parked in the White House and until that joke can be rectified, it’s turn MUSIC ON, WORLD OFF time with 13 new additions to my Spotify playlist – which just begs for your ears to follow. There’s the glassy smooth pop of LA native Billie Eilish’s “idontwannabeyouanymore,” the infinitely stellar Oasis jam “Don’t Look Back In Anger” gets well covered by Portland-by-way-of-Alaska’s Portugal. The Man, Miami Horror gild their musical lily with shades of Talking Heads (not mad at it) on “Sign of the Times” and the lovely gentlemen of Flagship (currently on tour with Mondo Cozmo) have a mixed up version of their song “Midnight.” Below, of course, a few musical goods of note:

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – “Little Thing Gone Wild”

Merry Christmas because rock ‘n roll’s most durable and leather clad trio aka Black Rebel Motorcycle Club return with their 7th studio album, Wrong Creatures, on January 12, 2018. Here’s the album’s first single and it shows an aggressive shift and flexing of their punk muscles.

Cobi – “Nobody Opened the Door”

Cobi has been a fixture in my forward via mirror for a couple of years and for very good reasons. See Songs From The Ashes (Pt. 1) and this song for further.

Noah Kahan – “Hurt Somebody”

The 20-year young Vermont native, Noah Kahan, follows up his debut single, “Young Blood,” with the fear of letting go, the fear of cutting ties – but only because it will hurt another. A fairly mature-minded subject that is warmly fleshed out by Kahan.

Jaws Of Love. – “Love Me Like I’m Gone”

Kelcey Ayer is known as one of the key moving parts of the Los Angeles indie rock band of awesome, Local Natives, but he really loves his dog Tasha, so he had to make a solo album about said canine companion hanging out by his piano. Okay, perhaps that’s not the actual sequence of events but close enough. Operating under the moniker Jaws Of Love., the album Tasha Sits Close to the Piano comes out 9/22 and it’s a body of piano-led balladry, touched with jazz and blue grooves and his airy vocals reflecting on the normalities of relationship-life. “Love Me Like I’m Gone” is but one gorgeous example.

So there you go. Dig into my healthy MUSIC ON, WORLD OFF playlist and here’s hoping that you find at least two songs that turn you on.

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