OURS & Zane Carney (Bowery Ballroom)

Bowery Ballroom | New York, NY | November 19, 2016 | Words & Photos: Cortney Armitage |

When OURS blew into the Bowery Ballroom, along with his familiar bandmates April Bauer (piano), Static (guitar), Chris Goodlof (bass), Race (guitar), Mike Iasiello (guitar/floor toms) and  Chris Iasiello (drums), frontman Jimmy Gnecco brought friends and family to perform under his wing including opener Zane Carney, daughter Zoe Gnecco, and a just barely 16 year old Hannah Gernand whose killer voice silenced the Bowery Ballroom in awe. Bringing them all on to the stage for a song or two during OURS’ set Gnecco seemed the most happy while singing with “the love of his life” his daughter, Zoe. One of the most poignant moments also happened before launching into “Meet Me In The Tower” when Gnecco spoke:

“We don’t have to be these things that people see us as. We don’t have to be loud and obnoxious and rude to exist on this planet. We don’t have to be these kinds of men that, maybe, some people want us to be and it’s okay to have feelings – well some feelings – ’cause you don’t want to cry too much. It’s not a good look (laughs). But it was important for me to put it out there and to put it out into the world that it was okay be who they felt they were inside. And it sounds pretty simple doesn’t it, but everyday in our lives we give into these things, these pressures, about making money and to be these things in order to do that. It’s a very very simple message but sometimes it gets lost, so I will continue singing it til I recognize around me that it’s not getting lost, even to the people closest to me.”


Zane Carney

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