Jimmy Gnecco (The Viper Room)

The Viper Room | West Hollywood, CA | January 9, 2015 | Photo Credit: Chad Elder | Jimmy Gnecco, New Jersey native and frontman for the alternative rock band Ours, has made his annual January pilgrimage West to California for a monthlong residency at the Viper Room. Night #2 was flush with songs old and new spanning Gnecco’s 20+ music […]

The Dance: Jimmy Gnecco

Photo Credit: April Bauer “It’s about being beat down. The challenges in our society…coming back and finding the strength to fight again but without becoming a monster in order to survive in a world full of monsters.” That’s how Jimmy Gnecco describes his latest creation. In 2013 a successful Pledge Music campaign resulted in the album Ballet The Boxer, 1 […]

OURS & Zane Carney (Bowery Ballroom)

Bowery Ballroom | New York, NY | November 19, 2016 | Words & Photos: Cortney Armitage | When OURS blew into the Bowery Ballroom, along with his familiar bandmates April Bauer (piano), Static (guitar), Chris Goodlof (bass), Race (guitar), Mike Iasiello (guitar/floor toms) and  Chris Iasiello (drums), frontman Jimmy Gnecco brought friends and family to perform under his wing including opener Zane […]

Zane Carney

Zane Carney is one of those souls who couldn’t be more born for the artistic realm if he tried. More than simply a singer/songwriter: he wields a guitar with the same precision and passion that a samurai does a sword but with less bloodshed. The gifts of music and performance run deep through Carney veins with brother, Reeve, and sister, Paris, […]

5 Albums You May Have Missed, Version 2013

Oh 2013, where have you gone? But gone she almost is so here I sit thinking about all the musical goodness that has passed us by. Let’s be honest: the last thing that anyone needs is yet ANOTHER fucking Best Of/Most Awesome Albums of 2013 list. I’m not into it. But what I am into is doing due diligence in […]