“Next Time” By Satellite Sky

The Who: Satellite Sky (Los Angeles, CA)

The What: It’s just another day in the park for the Melbourne, Australia brother/sister rock duo of Kim Kicks (drums) and Pete Kicks (vox/guitar). “Next Time” is the first single from their brand new album, Magnetize, and in a cosmically comical fashion and a blurring of the lines between a Pink Panther movie and a Benny Hill sketch, Satellite Sky are either solving a crime or committing one. Honestly, we can’t quite tell and considering that they’re now based in Los Angeles, it’s anybody’s guess. But none of that really matters because the garage/indie rock that they kick out (no pun intended, honest) packs a solid punch rooted in raucous rock n roll. We like that in a band.

The Where: For an immediate Satellite Sky fix, Thursday, May 14th at the Viper Room in Los Angeles is the scene of their album release show! You can locate them in all of the usual places: their official website, on Facebook or at @SatelliteSky on Twitter.