Outlander: Uncharted

Outlander: Uncharted | Season 3, Episode 11 | Rating: 9/11 | Do you ever get so lost in a story it feels like it’s real? As in it’s currently happening in your life and part of your surroundings? That’s exactly how Outlander engulfs me every week and Uncharted was no exception as this week’s hour-long episode flew by in an […]

Damnation: One Penny 

Damnation: One Penny | Season 1, Episode 3 | Rating: 10/11 I admit it, I’m fully invested in this show. Great story, great music, great characters and great acting. This week’s cold open is a father and mother in the middle of America’s Heartland watching their boys play baseball. As they talk about their prosperity, the camera closes in on the Black Legion robes […]

Lucifer: Chloe Does Lucifer

Lucifer: Chloe Does Lucifer | Season 3, Episode 8 | Rating: 9/11 Is our Lucifer beginning to settle down with Detective Chloe Decker? No, not really; we just catch him playing a casual game of Monopoly with Chloe and her daughter, Trixie. Lucifer is struggling with finding the right token to represent him and after mistaking the thimble for a […]

Outlander: Heaven and Earth

Outlander: Heaven and Earth | Season 3, Episode 10 | Rating: 8.5/11 | Separated again, we find Claire hard at work as the Porpoise’s surgeon trying to save 100+ sick crew members from Typhoid Fever. Claire befriends Elias Pound, a 14-year-old boy who has been at sea since joining his uncle aboard the Triton at age 7. Elias has been […]

Marvel’s Inhumans: … And Finally: Black Bolt

  Marvel’s Inhumans: … And Finally: Black Bolt | Season 1, Episode 8 | Rating: 6/11 | Inhumans ends with a whimper as well as a bang. This episode was all about wrapping up the stories of our characters, so let’s go character by character. Krystal For a superpowered being with such a strong power set, Krystal is probably the biggest sacrifice Inhumans made in their […]

Riverdale: Chapter Nineteen – Death Proof

Riverdale: Chapter Nineteen – Death Proof | Season 2, Episode 6 | Rating: 8/11 Did you think Betty was finally done with the Black Hood after she gave him Nick St. Clair’s name last week? That’s cute. In fact, not only is Nick alive and obnoxiously well, the Black Hood is still calling Betty. Thankfully, she changed her ringtone from […]

Damnation: Which Side Are You On?

Damnation: Which Side Are You On? | Season 1, Episode 2 | Rating: 9/11 Last episode, Sam Riley’s body was found nailed to the door of the bank with a challenge to the town: “Which side are you on?” And surprisingly, it wasn’t Creeley who did it; it was Seth. Everyone has an agenda and Seth’s is to start a revolution in this town. […]