How To Get Away With Murder – Season Two

How to Get Away with Murder | Season 2 (DVD) | Rating: 8/10 | Season two of ABC’’s How to Get Away with Murder pulled the double duty of answering some remaining questions from the first season while pivoting into a new “whodunnit” mystery. The first season finale left viewers reeling with the question of who killed student Rebecca Sutter […]

Why Superstore Is More Than Your Average Sitcom

It’s hard to deny that we live in a golden age of television. From complex anti-heroes on Breaking Bad and The Wire to razor-sharp satires such as Jane the Virgin and Unbreakable Kimberly Schmidt, television has become far more than mere entertainment. The plots, themes and characters have become as complex and nuanced as those in classic literature. Don Draper […]

What To Expect in iZombie’s Season Two Finale

On the surface, iZombie is a show about a reluctant zombie mortician, Liv (Rose McIver), who uses the brain-eating side effect of seeing into the lives of her corpses to help solve the mysteries of their deaths. In season 2, the stakes have been heightened as the zombie world gets increasingly entangled with the murders of the living, the race […]

Introducing Wynonna Earp

Showrunner Emily Andras has a history of working on genre shows with really strong female protagonists (see Lost Girl, Killjoys) and IDW, Wynonna Earp‘s comic book publishing company, wanted a female show runner to take reins on this property. Naturally Andras felt like a perfect fit. When first approached with the property, Andras fell in love with Wynonna’s personality, which […]

Ethnic diversity and American television

Ah America, the land of the free and the home of the many various cultures who have settled on this great land over the last couple centuries. And while America has progressively become more and more diverse, American television feels as though it is stuck in the past. On shows like HBO’s Girls, and CBS’s Criminal Minds, both of which […]

Castle – Season 6

Castle | Season 6 (DVD) | Rating: 8.5/11 Season 6 of Castle marks the beginning of a new journey for Katherine Beckett (Stana Katic) and Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion). After the season 5 finale where Castle asks Beckett to marry him, we return almost exactly after that special moment. It wouldn’t be true to Castle if there weren’t complications for […]

Penny Dreadful – Season 1

Penny Dreadful | Season 1 | Rating: 9/11 Vampires, werewolves, vengeful spirits, oh my! You might have thought that this monster genre has run its course, but Showtime’s Gothic drama Penny Dreadful, whose eight episode premiere season is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray, keeps it going in a way that’s refreshing and suspenseful. With a superior cast and cinema-worthy […]