Kill Birds Take Punk Rock For A Ride At Bootleg Theater

Bootleg Theater | Los Angeles, CA | September 19, 2019 | Photos & Words: ZB Images |

There is a new Los Angeles band on everyone’s radar and it’s Kill Birds who released their self-titled debut album (released on 9/20 via KRO Records) Thursday night and celebrated with a full house at Bootleg Theater. While a band in its infancy, Kill Birds are knocking out songs at a lightning pace: their album was recorded in eight hours with the help of producer Justin Raisen.

Many in the know have been excited by the band’s jagged punk fury including Sonic Youth’s own Kim Gordon whose upcoming debut album was produced by Raisen. And thanks to Raisen’s enthusiasm, Gordon got a sneak peak of Kill Bird’s music describing it as, “hot as fuck.” We’re inclined to agree with Gordon’s assessment because no one was disappointed by what they saw or heard at Bootleg.

Founding members Nina Ljeti (vox) and Jacob Loeb (guitar) are joined by Fielder Thomas (bass) and Bosh Rothman (drums) for a high energy, super fun trip which feels like it’s about to fly off the rails but somehow manages to keep heading true to their course. This band is going places.

Opening the night at Bootleg was Storefront Church.

Kill Birds

Storefront Church