Live from San Diego Comic Con 2019: Pennyworth, Game of Thrones, The Dark Crystal, Veronica Mars & more!

Chelsea, Kristen, and Trina have arrived in San Diego for the most anticipated pop culture convention of every year: San Diego Comic-Con! We will be bringing you LIVE daily podcast coverage filled with all the exclusive news, celebrity sightings and convention experiences we can muster.

It’s Friday, July 19th and we’re back with more SDCC adventures! We spent most of today in press rooms and panels, Trina and Chelsea kicked things off in the Pennyworth press room while Kristen camped out in Ballroom 20 to hear the latest about Veronica Mars. Listen to hear precisely what we discovered today (like why did Game of Thrones have a panel if the show is over) and hear a preview of what’s to come tomorrow (Saturday).

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